FAT GUY vs. FIT: Won’t he ever give up?

Back in April I wrote a post, Fat Guy vs. Fit (The voices of my inner struggles). In the post I wrote about how EVERY time I would go to the gym, I would try and talk myself out of doing cardio. Luckily Fat Guy has yet to win the argument since I started on this journey But what gets me is that even after all this time he is still there screaming at me every time I start heading over to the elliptical machine.

There are some battles that Fat Guy doesn’t even try to argue about now. Drinking Mt. Dew, eating fast food and watching 4 hours of T.V. at a time are all things he has given up on. He knows it just ain’t happening. I have come to realize there is some stuff that he will just never give up on though.

There are only 2 things you can do when you come to the realization that your inner fat person will never give up on something.

  1. You can continue yelling “SHUT UP!” to that inner voice every time it starts screaming. It does get easier to shut out the voice but it will always be there for that day you are tired, hungry and emotionally spent.
  2. Take away the power the voice has over you.

How do I take away my Fat Guy‘s power? I am glad you asked.

To render the Fat Guy voice in your head you simply make the changes necessary so you are not put in the situation of having to listen. While it all inner voices are different there are a few things you can do to mute the voice before it even has a chance to get a peep out.

Making the choice to be fit is something that proceeds doing what is required to get fit. Maybe it is something as simple as laying out your clothes for the gym the night before. If you want to give Fat Guy a megaphone, wait to make the decision to go on a 6AM run at 5:45. Planning to exercise with someone is another easy way to render the voice powerless. Those who fail to plan, plan to fight Fat Guy.

For me, this meant running to and from the gym. I was sick of the same old internal struggle every time I got on the elliptical machine. Our gym, Crossroads Fitness is a perfect distance from my house that I can warm up on the way there and kick some butt running a different way (longer) home. I have taken the choice away. I HAVE TO do cardio if I want to get home. Discussion over.

The same goes with food. Fat Guy LOVES when I eat pasta. It’s a “trigger” food for me. He knows that regardless of how much my stomach has shrunk over time or how much will power I have, there is a chance he can get me to listen to him and binge. Back in the day I would eat 2 giant plates of spaghetti. I would be so full my stomach would hurt and I would continue eating it until I felt like I was going to vomit. (no laughing Hank) Today, I simply don’t eat pasta except for a rare, pre-measured portion situation. The simplest way to stop your Fat Guy from saying “Eat more pasta ya blithering boob!” is to not eat pasta.

Fit guy is my friend. He hangs out in the land of fit blogs, at the gym and by the water cooler. If I have been talking with Fit Guy all day, it’s easy to not be distracted by Fat Guy. If I exercise, eat balanced, nutritious meals and drink my water, Fit Guy is talking so loud in my ear, I can’t even hear Fat Guy when he talks. When I get in a slump, it’s easy for me to decide my slump will be over after I eat something I shouldn’t or skip just one planned work out. Good choices increase the likelihood that the next choice will be good as well.

How do you shut up your Fat Guy?

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