Winning in the margins

I busted my but this week. I have stuck to 1200 calories religiously and have rocked it on the exercise front. I weighed in on Friday and was at 7.5 and wanted to hit an 8 pound loss for the week so I amped up my exercise and made sure I hit 4500 calories burned a day minimum. I also watched my salt intake Saturday to keep from any unwanted water weight.

I attribute the extra 1.5 pounds I wasn’t planning on losing to choosing activities that make me get out and move my fat body. A typical Saturday is usually less than active. I usually grab a redbox movie or we unload the Tivo of shows we recorded the previous week. The most moving we do is get off the couch to go pee or lift the remote to change the channel. We did something a little different.

As I do most Saturdays I worked overtime for about 7 1/2 hours at work. Whenever I am at work I power-walk the halls and run flights of stairs. 6 laps for my first 15 min break, 6 laps for the second break. People at my work are getting used to seeing me pump up and down the hall now. I used to care that everyone thought I was crazy but now I just don’t care. Karlie dropped me off so while I was waiting for her to pick me up I started doing laps in the parking lot. I once measured the distance with the odometer in my car and a trip around the lot is almost exactly 1/10 a mile. I got a good 1/2 mile in before she got there walking mostly but peppered with a little chunky man jogging.

This is where “the flop” usually happens. I would drive home, flop on the couch and then not get up till bed. Instead I suggested that we do something with the kids. We are tight on cash right now so I had to think of something fun for the kids, free and something that would keep us active. The answer was Cabela’s. If that name means nothing to you, it’s like a Costco for hunters, fishermen and outdoorsmen.

They have an aquarium that houses fish that are native to Utah. You walk into the fish cave, look at all the beautiful fish, wish you could say you caught even one of them on a fishing trip and then are dumped out the other end into the fishing gear section of the store. Very effective for fishermen like myself who dream of landing a big monster like the ones I just saw in the cave. It worked on me. Last summer I spent $150 – $200 on a new rod and real and some tackle.

The kids love to see the fish in the tanks and it is fun to try and name all the fish species. My boy is getting good at picking out the bass. After spending a good time in the fish cave, we continue on to see the museum-like collection of stuffed animals they have displayed all around the store. We are not “exercising” but we are moving and walking and that’s what matters.

After leaving I check the bodybugg and I had hit my 4500 calorie goal for the day. Something I wouldn’t have done sitting on my butt watching TV. It’s not about food or exercise or calories. It’s about choices. Choices I make everyday to be active or to be sedentary. Choices I make about eating for nourishment or eating for comfort, celebration, boredom or any other excuse I can think of. The best part about this Journey is that my wife and I are doing this together. Not only are we changing the way we live for ourselves but we are choosing  a life that will teach our kids how to really live.

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