WIFE WEIGHS IN WEDNESDAY:Tap into the strength you have within

Losing Who I Was

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the beginning of my journey to where I am now. And how many times before this, that I had started and stopped and started and stopped again and again and again finding the slightest motivation to be a little more active and eat a little healthier. But, a couple months later finding myself back where I started and wondering why. Why didn’t I stick with it?

As I put on the weight after marriage, I really feel like I was oblivious to what I was turning myself into in a way. And suddenly I was trapped, and felt like there was no way out. I honestly feel like I lost myself for those years of being so heavy, so weighted down physically and emotionally. Mentally I was there I remember every bit of it.

Someone close to me asked me last year in a private conversation, “What happened to the lively, silly, unique, imaginative, Karlie I used to know?” It hit me hard. I really wasn’t the same fun person I used to be. And for what? Food? Laziness?

A little while after that I found it. I found a place inside of me where I started to believe in myself again.

Maybe you are are searching for your “real” self again, or maybe you have already found that in our journey, you aren’t oblivious because you are reading this. Who is the “real” you? Imagine yourself at your best.

I watched Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition and it really related to me this week . Chris Powell’s words spoke to me:

 “Tap into that strength you have within” 
“Do whatever it takes”
It took a lot for me. It was hard to give up the things I was comfortable with.
“Don’t play the victim”
“I lost my job” or “My parents did nothing for my health growing up”
“Don’t blame”
Take responsibility for your actions: I know for a fact my parents and my siblings blamed Mike for my weight gain, It wasn’t Mike putting the food in my mouth it wasn’t Mike making me sit on the couch all day. I chose that. I did this to myself.
When are you going to start caring about you?
A major thing for me when I got married and had kids. Everyone else came first. I let myself go. It hurt not only me but everyone around me. Care about yourself. Give yourself that time to be you.
Are you ready to start living again?
Because getting healthy and fit brings you back to life.
The Turning Point
I remember the moment, a few weeks into the beginning of my journey. It was my turning point it was the key to my success.
I had Mike take my picture so I would never forget

I had Mike take my picture so I would never forget

walked for a while and then I started to run at 270 something pounds… it hurt. I could barely pick up my feet let alone the pace but I pushed myself I pushed SO HARD I kept going…… I could barely breath. I felt like throwing up. I was shaking and so angry at myself. I cried while I ran a little farther until I literally could not go another step. I knew at that moment………. that was my last day at 270 something pounds. I knew it in my heart. I imediately felt a calmness and peace. I continied to walk the rest of the way home……..and NEVER looked back.

Take all your tears and all that CRAP and DRIVE IT INTO THE WALL! Take it and put it all into your workouts. PUSH YOURSELF PAST YOUR LIMIT! LET IT OUT. Your hard work will pay off. It will. As much effort as you put into it, it will.


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