WIFE WEIGHS IN WEDNESDAY: If I can do a handstand…

Hi everyone, Karlie here. On my journey to health I often think of things that I wasn’t able to do at my heaviest. It keeps me motivated knowing that if I work hard enough I could do pretty much anything. I will get into more details about my progress and story next week but I wanted to jump right in for my first post.

Today I did a handstand. Applause! Thank you…. thank you everyone. I used to do silly things having to do with gymnastics all the time just for fun. At almost 300 pounds obviously I wasn’t able to do hardly anything at all.So my handstand today has motivated me for this week. We’ll see what my gymnastic background brings me next week 🙂 By gymnastic background I mean chubby kid in gymnastics class who could do a cartwheel, round-off and handstand really well. Leaving the rest for the skinny girls.
On to bigger and better things. As Mike explained in a previous post, I ran my first 5K! Three point one miles. This wasn’t just any race though. Oh, no. This race was Dirty. Mmm hmm.

Title of the race: Kiss me Dirty
Location: a farm
Racers: women only, all ages

Obstacles include: Jumping over hay bales, in and out of tires filled with mud, continue running with an added 10 pounds of mud to your feet. Jumping a small fence, then jumping a not so small fence (this thing was huge, and yes I jumped both fences). Crawling through mud stomach to the ground with 14 inches of head space. Climbing rope fence. Crawling through mud again, running through a quarter mile of freezing cold run off muddy water with another 10 pounds added water mud soaked clothing. Up and down the trail, in and out of the giant tractor tires, through the giant pipes…………..and then run it all over again. Yes, that’s twice through the obstacle coarse. Oh boy.

The group I ran with was formed in my neighborhood. When seeing Mike’s success a couple women decided to start up a health group. We meet every Monday to weigh in and talk about what is working for us. It’s a way to be accountable a way to get support from someone other than your husband or family. We had a blast. We were laughing, and singing, and burning calories all at the same time. With a hoot here and a holla there. We made our way to the finish line.

What a great first race. My goal was to run the whole way, and I pretty much did that setting aside the obstacles in my way.

For my next race it would REALLY be nice not to have my last 30 pounds on me. It’s like carrying my daughter the whole 3 miles. My heart could have run forever but my body is still HEAVY. It is very frustrating, but with hard work the pounds will slowly come off and I am transforming! It is so fun to see. Thanks for the support!

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