What is the best supplement? – (100th Post!)

I have been doing a lot of research on supplements. I have come to realize it makes no sense digging a hole with your hands if you have a shovel available. If there are proven tools that will help you lose weight, gain muscle and achieve your goals more efficiently, grab the shovel. Here are the criteria I set before even looking at supplements so I didn’t get sidetracked by the ocean of products that is the weight loss market. I will always have more to learn about what does work. My success in fitness is limited and new. That being said, I have had plenty of experience in what does not work. In fact, I think I am a black belt in what does not work. I am only like a tangerine belt in what does work. So with that in mind, read on…

A great supplement should be:

  1. PROVEN – If you want to get frustrated taking supplements, go grab something that is new. My personal experience is that if you jump on the newest hot product you will likely either not see the results you expect or the product will be soon featured in a legal add that goes something like this.. “Are you a  insert product name here victim? You may be entitled to compensation. Call the law offices of….” I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for all that noise. I need something that other people have used that consistently gets results that helps me achieve my goals without screwing up something else in my body. Something tried and tested. I have enough on my plate, no pun intended, I don’t need to be beta testing supplements for a company.
  2. COST EFFECTIVE – The fact that a product is proven means there are going to be generics. I don’t mind a reputable generic. If the cost difference is not that much greater, I will go with a name brand. I use the law of diminishing returns here. If supplements are not reasonable in price, they are usually not worth the money you are spending. Boutique supplements are almost never worth the money.
  3. BEARABLE – If I am going to commit to a regimen of supplements, they have to be bearable. If I have to choke down some rancid concoction everyday, it’s not going to last very long in my regimen. A series of dry heaves, while actually a pretty good ab workout, is not something that I am interested in.

So with these 3 basic criteria I went hunting for my supplements. In the next upcoming posts I will focus on the supplements that I chose for me, the reasons I chose them and the information I found interesting and helpful about them. Stay tuned.

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