What I Wish More People Knew About Me

After reading same post from Katy, Ryan & Tony I realized there is so much that readers don’t know about me.






In middle school I was kind of a fat kid bully. Someone would call me fat and I would beat them up. Middle school was kind of ruthless. Going into high school a girl I thought was pretty got me to join choir and I have been in love with music ever since. I play guitar by ear, fake most songs I play and had a band Darby Chase I played guitar in and did lead vocals. I had a recording studio setup, a Gibson hollow body guitar and sold it all to buy my wife a wedding ring and start a family.

After 2 years of not picking up my guitar I started playing it again for my kids before bed. I watch Glee and love it … don’t hate.


I genuinely get along with almost anyone. I love to make people laugh and like to bring people together. I am sensitive to people’s feelings and hate to have someone upset or angry with me. If you want to see the badger side of Mike Badger

1. treat me like I am stupid
2. Try to screw me over
3. Hurt my family or friends.
Any of those 3 things happen and I will come at you like a spider monkey. People who are mean don’t last long around me. I will stick up for people I don’t know if I feel like they are not being treated fairly. I guess you could say I am pretty much Captain America*
(*if Captain America was about 160 pounds heavier & didn’t have special abilities or make women swoon)

– I am a spiritual person. When truth is spoken and the spirit of God is there. I often well up.
– Extreme Makeover Home or WLE (I am a sucker for that stuff)
– Inspiring movies, stories …

I get this from my Dad. I have torn out my entire bathroom to the studs then remodeled it. Kar and I refinished our kitchen. I built a flour shop for Karlie’s floral business. I love to build things. If I didn’t have to make ends meet every month, I would constantly work on my house. One day I hope to have a house instead of a condo and will overhaul that home as soon as I get in it. I love tools and long for the day I have my own garage to work on projects in.

These are things that freak me out. When I went to Canada I went up in the space needle. They have a gloss floor you can walk over that looks straight down. It made me so mad but I couldn’t walk on it no matter how much I wanted to. It was frustrating. Spiders … need I explain? Failure is something I can’t handle. When I feel like I might fail at something, sometimes I refuse to try. I have to complete a task perfect or I get upset with myself easily. This has been something I have started to overcome through this WL journey.

I pick. The something I have not been able to overcome yet in my weight loss battle is picking at food. I pick at the food before dinner & after dinner. Sure the amount on my plate is a correct portion for my goals but what about all the food I snuck in before and after serving up? If I put all of that on my plate with my regular portion, guess what? It is no longer a regular portion.

I have talked about this before but I have not been the smartest with my money. While making more money would be nice, it’s managing the money I do have that I need to fix.

Have you ever seen an unstoppable force meet an immovable object? No? Then you have not seen me and my wife have an argument. Most the time we can compromise and be flexible but when we want to be, we can be stubborn to the point of stupidity. Have you ever argued a point that is so stupid that you start to get dumber as you talk but it is so important to be right you just can’t stop? Me either. Self deception is the root of most of the things I struggle with. I think it is the biggest problem keeping people from solving their real problems.

So there you have it.

Hope this little bit of context fills you in on the man behind the blog. I loved reading this stuff on other people’s blogs. If you did this, leave a comment so others can get to know you better.

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