Today I Caught a Glimps of Future Me

Some days I get discouraged. I put a progress ticker on the the left side of the blog and my first reaction was, “Even after all this time and all this hard work, I am still only half way there.” I am a pessimist by nature but I have learned to always take a second look when the glass seems half empty. Don’t get me wrong, I am stoked about my progress so far but the smaller losses at weigh in since I started lifting weights gets to me sometimes. At one point I was averaging 5 pounds a week of weight lost. It was exciting to see the scale go down each week.

The scale still goes down but at a much slower rate. I am constantly asking myself, “Should I forget the weights for a while and drop the pounds faster?”

Then I stop and think about where I want to end up when I hit the top of this mountain. I want to be buff, not skinny. I know what you are thinking, “This guy is worried about looking skinny? He must be delusional.” Honestly though, I have no interest in having a runner’s body. More power to those that do, fit is fit regardless of what you look like, it’s just not for me. I want to be able to hang with my football brother-in-laws, teach my own boy about strength training when he gets old enough and look rather impressive for my smokin’ hot wife.

Sometimes you have to step back and make sure you are on the right path to meet your vision. While I haven’t seen as many pounds dropping each week, It’s the NSV that let me know I am on the right track.

I usually stand back from the mirrors during my shoulder weight lifting but this morning I was right in front of the glass. As I lifted, I saw muscles flex and was able to catch a glimpse of the future me. I can see him under there more than I ever have. It’s very exciting. Pants that I purchased in April are falling off my but and the new belt is in need of some holes to keep them up.

I realized something today. When the road ahead seems long and you begin to doubt the possibility of reaching your destination, sometimes you have to take a look back to see how far you have come. When you realize the potential that exists in you, the long road looks more like an opportunity of endless possibilities. I am grateful for the opportunity and possibility to be on that road.

Wherever you are in your journey, in fitness or in life, remember who you are. You are not the sum of your collective failures & successes. You are the exact person you hope to become until you prove to yourself otherwise. You have no control over what happened yesterday or your current destination. Those are facts. Only look back briefly to see how far you have come and to learn from your mistakes then focus your energy on the future. That is where you will find the person you hope to become.

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