The BIG race …

Holy crap do I feel the love! Thank you to everyone for the comments on my 100 pound post. What a response. Who knew I would find my best weight loss support group on the interwebs?

I HAVE to tell you the most hilarious thing from yesterday (sorry Shelley, it’s too good not to share).

We all got together for a little family birthday party for my baby girl yesterday. After dinner we went for a walk down to the school park so the kids could swing and play on the slides. While the walk was nice it was more of a stroll than an exercise outing.

You have to know my sister, she is one of my best friends and makes me laugh more than just about anyone. I don’t know if it was the excitement of me hitting my 100 pound mark or just the need for speed, but she got it into her head to challenge me to a foot race. The thought of me and her sprinting about 50 yards made me laugh … but she was SERIOUS. We both started laughing at the idea but she kept pushing. How could I not accept the challenge.

So there we were, at the elementary school playground, lined at the fence, stretching out for the BIG RACE. In any foot race you have to have a finish line.

“Dad! Go over there and put your hands out. Me and Mike are going to have a race. No, further.” My sister, yelling across the park.

As dumb as it was, I wanted to win destroy her.

Dad raises his hands … ” On your mark, get set, GO!” and slams his hands to his sides.

I take off like I am a a pork chop running from a pack of rottweilers. I knew it was just for fun but I couldn’t help but push my limits as if I was in some Olympic event. In my mind, I might as well been a professional marathon runner from Kenya in the few seconds the race took to complete. I slapped my Dad’s hand well before Shelley.

“I’m not as fast as I thought I was” Shelley says.

As I regain my breath the image I had during the race melted away and reality set in. I start to laugh so hard I almost fall over.

I think to myself, “I can’t believe I just did that.” both because I probably looked like a bounding blob of lard and because I knew there was no way I could have even ran the entire distance 4 months ago. I think more than the 100 pounds lost, I am most proud the effect my choice has made on people around me. Coworkers are starting to track calories and make better food choices, family is getting into the fitness war and friends are starting to go back to the gym. Why did I wait my whole life to do this?

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