Supplements, not Meal Replacements

Just to be clear, all the following info is according to Mike, a fat guy loosing weight, building muscle while not hating life doing it. Doctors, medical journals and product testing lab info that helped me formulate my opinion are at the end.

First, I have already stated, for many reasons, I advise against meal replacement supplements. Real, life-changing habits have been rooted in understanding food, cooking as fresh as possible and discovering how to eat right in any situation. If a product is the center of your diet, in my opinion, the product will ultimately let you down because weight loss is not found in a product. Weight loss is based on common sense principals, hard work and good choices.

This last week someone at church said,  
“Okay Mike, you gotta’ tell us what you are doing”.
I couldn’t resist the bait.  
“Oh there is this awesome product I found!”
“Whatever it is, I have to get me some of it!”

People ask me stuff like this all the time and I think if I were some jerk-face that only cared about the BIG BUCK$ I would have something rehearsed like this:

“I lost 130 pounds with _______. “
“________ changed my life.” 
“For 4 easy payments of $XX.xx ________ can be delivered to your door!” 
 ♦Of coarse to keep the lawyers at bay, all the following would be at the bottom of the screen at the given size:
(________ will not help you lose weight alone. In fact, all that the product consists of is a laxative that will make you crap 5 pounds in the first 2 days and a diuretic that will make you pee all your water weight. Prolonged use of the product could jack you up but don’t worry, by the time you find out that this product is “crappy” you will have given up because the meal plan that came with the pills is meant to starve you into quitting. Also, I only used this product for the past 10 days so I could say “I used it” but really, the weight came off by literally working my butt off.
Badger Out! )
Any way, what I really told the guy was eating balanced meals of 1200 – 1500 calories a day, consistent exercise and will poweris what I have been doing.
Now that we have the important parts of loosing weight out of the way, let me explain how I plan to use supplements to aid me in my goals. The first, and least groundbreaking, supplement I decided I needed was a multivitamin. I know, waaay exciting stuff right? It makes perfect sense to me though. The whole purpose of a supplement is to fill in the nutritional gaps that your diet is lacking. 1200 calories often leaves me a little short on my recommended levels of essential vitamins my body needs. Some people will hone down exactly the vitamins they are lacking on a consistent basis and take only those. More power to you if you are one of those. I am covering my basis here. A once-a-day multivitamin is not going to make belly fat away but I have come to the conclusion that the minimal cost &  risk makes this supplement a no-brainer.
Here are some links to useful information I found in my research:
Vitamins, The bottom line – Harvard School of Public Health
Why are multivitamins important? –
How to choose a multivitamin –
Right now I am taking Centrum Ultra Men’s but once the bottle is finished, I may get the Target brand. They are cheaper and well recommended.

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