Starting Up at the Gym

I have been exercising mostly by starting to walk around my neighborhood but last night for the first time in a long, long time I walked through the doors of my gym.

My wife and I used to clean the pool over at our old gym in exchange for free membership but having to clean the pool just made us not want to go.

Crossroads opened up just a couple months ago so Karlie signed us up. She has gone but until last night I had never opened the door.

As you can imagine,  going from a completely sedentary life to trying my had at one of the torture devises here was not high on my, things that are wicked fun list but I am glad I did it. My physiologist suggest that I start with just 10 min, just enough to get my heart pumping and me breathing heavy. I started and decided I could do 15 without overdoing it. I realize 15 min. is not stripping calories but it will get my heart stronger and my lungs healthier for the surgery.

Also, yesterday was the first day I shrank my caloric intake to about 2000 calories.I stuck to 3 meals, no picking, no seconds and I took time to eat. No liquids 1/2 hour before or after I ate.

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