Soooo Motivated today!

Rocking this week so far. I lost 5 more pounds after Sunday’s weigh in. I am sooooo motivated it’s crazy! I have always wanted to lead an active life and while I may not have the shape or the endurance to do everything I want, I am motivated to DO things now. I have the energy to at least get started.  here is also a lot to be said about sleeping well when you are trying to lose weight. GET GOOD sleep!

Last night I was under calories and paycheck wasn’t in yet and we didn’t have what we needed to cook what the “plan” said I should eat. I ended up having a Healthy Choice can of Mexican Chicken soup. Threw some hot sauce in there and it was delish. The calorie count was less than the planned meal by far. Also had cucumber & tomato with balsamic vinegar. My wife kicked me out of the house so she could do a girl crafts with a friend from church. I went over to my Mom’s and watched a movie with my bro. My mom always has chocolate and little temptations but I resisted them easily.

When I got home, I told myself I was STARVING (dumb). I started to build a salad with lean chicken on it and some salsa and less than 1/4 cup of black beans. Not bad right? Problem was it was 10:00PM. I have been doing so good not eating late. Also, I was building myself another dinner basically. “You are within your calorie limit”, ” this is good food for you”. I started to salivate as I imagined myself
eating the salad but before I got to eat it I was interrupted with the nightly bedtime routine for the kids.

As usual, I pretend I am a monster, scare the kids into my bedroom and get them consolidated on my bead. We throw on PJs and then I pretend to skip reading a book, shut off the lights and start to sing a lullaby. The kids shriek “no daddy we forgot to read a book!” I act surprised I forgot but now have the book as leverage to make them lay still. I read a “Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies” theatrically then turn out the lights and sing a few with my wife to the kiddies. We say a prayer, do kisses and hugs and place them in their beds. Both kids need a drink and Jeffrey needs to go potty.

The kids are in bed and I am free to go chomp my salad. I walk into the kitchen and look at the clock. 10:30 PM. I look at the salad again and I know I can’t eat that. Not only am I already supposed to be asleep, I know I shouldn’t NEED to eat again. I get frustrated and turn off the light to the kitchen and lay in my bed. I cry (dumb) but not because I am hungry, but because I am frustrated that I even wanted to eat the salad. My wife comes in from the kids room and asks what’s going on. I am embarrassed but try to explain. She lifts me up, reminds me that you can’t change the way you think in a week or a month. I love her.

I go to sleep happy and motivated and a little stronger. I wake up not missing that dumb salad from the previous night. Anything worth achieving is NOT easy. It’s not supposed to be. The miracle is the challenge and the struggle, not the destination of your goal. (Don’t worry, not going to break out into Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb”)

Make a choice today and for the rest
of your life. You are worth it, your loved ones are worth it. You have the
strength in you to do it. The question is will you make the decision?

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