Sick day = Time to blog again … day

November was crazy as we geared up for Christmas, delivered last of my wife’s big weddings of the year. I was in the running for a promotion, switched schools and geared up for the holidays while working every possible overtime hour so I could give my family a Christmas. When I would get home from a 10 hour work day I would get to cutting vinyl (a side part-time job) to earn extra money.

In all this craziness, I am trying to get in for doctors visits while trying to stay true to my weight loss goals. Well long story short, I missed my doctor apt. in November and December I couldn’t get an appointment for when I wasn’t working. I made my apt for the first week in Jan. and then was sent a letter that my Doctor no longer accepted my insurance, which was FRUSTRATING because the reason I chose that insurance in the first place was because it WAS accepted by my doctor. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I hate insurance.

I have met with the lymph-edema doc and got that under control with compression socks. It looks like I am wearing granny tights but you do what ya’ gotta’ do.

November was the closing of 2011 benefit elections at my work. It was then I had to make the decision if I was getting surgery or not. My wife and I know that this needs to happen now and that getting healthy and fit is worth whatever we have to sacrifice to make it happen. I maxed out my flex spending, got the expensive insurance and decided this would be the year. Although we can’t afford the benefits we even had last year, I know we will find some way to make it work. Also, I will have been with my company for 5 years this year which means an extra week paid vacation. This will make it a lot easier in terms of time off work.

So now I am searching for a new doctor so I can get in first thing February. I am scheduling July as my surgery month.

So why now? Why after months of not blogging did you decide to blog again?

I got sick. The week after Christmas my daughter and son got sick. He had Croup, she had Strep. My wife soon followed a couple days after with the flu, the piggy kind. I followed that up with Tonsillitis which has now turned into a severe sinus infection. I woke up this morning without a voice. I work 90% on the phone so today I said enough! I need to get better. So after sending the bad news to my boss I thought I would write this novel.

Plus side to being sick, the only thing I want to eat is chicken soup.

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