As I would expect, the Reboot post worried Allan. He is a good friend.

From Allan’s post DAY 367, WEDNESDAY, APR 27, 2011

Tibetan monks, TV stars, athletes, Harry the guy that shines my shoes, they are all on a plan, whether it is written down to follow or not. Obese people have no plan, we eat until we are tired of eating. We need to be trained. I am not trained and it has been a year and a day. I hope I can be trained within this second year. Every day is a reminder that I need to get healthy, stay the course, follow the plan, not eat a cookie, and try to beat the reaper. Every freaking Day. After 3 months of following a plan, or 12 months Mike, it is not going away. Again, one word my friend, PATIENCE. This is a struggle, it is not rocket science, and it is not the hardest thing you will ever do. This is what we have to do to give us the strength to do the hardest things we will ever do. All good, but chill out and just stay with us !!! I love the Allan reference of course, and I will preach to you what I have found for as long as you will listen.

I’m not going anywhere except the gymJ   & I am not exhausted of you Allan, just with being fat and with the struggle to organizing my life around a healthy lifestyle. Being fat is easy to fit into my daily routine.  There is no planning on getting fat, my brain can go on auto pilot doing that.

I have just gotten to a place where I am letting other things that are important be put aside. I realize almost nothing is as important as my health but they are important all the same. I just need to manage my time better to do more with my time without taking away from the gym and planning out meals and reading inspirational blogs. Losing weight is priority 1. I just need to fit in more than priority 1.

Working it out and taking every word of your advice to heart with gratitude.

Thanks friend.

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