Picking food while preparing meals

I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to the kids, my wife does the lion’s share of the work and she is great at it. Tuesday nights I take over because she has a weekly church meeting. Something I didn’t think I struggled with anymore is picking. I guess it just wasn’t a problem till now because most meals take a while to prepare and the only foods available for picking are maybe a piece of lettuce … woopty-doo.

Preparing the kid’s food is waaaaaay different. I found myself popping a thin piece of turkey that crumbled while making the kids a sandwich. Then they had some gram crackers for a latter snack. Again broken piece in mouth. Grrr. I hate that I did that. Now I know it may not seem like anything but those little picks turned into some cravings. Not for anything particular, just cravings to eat. Why would I do that to myself. I was completely satisfied with my dinner.

Hats off to my wife who dishes my kids up all day. I get to go to work, drown out the cravings until lunch, come home and eat dinner soon after. It would add an additional layer of self control for me.

The kids have a range of foods they will eat and it’s getting better but it’s still hard not to just throw chicken nuggets at them.

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