I Want to Share My Story Locally

I received the t-shirts I ordered. I had them made to wear to work and the gym and stuff so people will feel more comfortable approaching me about my weight loss. I will be able to help more people locally so I think I am going to put something similar on my car too. I guess you could say I’m taken it to the streets.

I need some ideas to help other’s locally. I hope by sharing my message I can help others who feel too far gone know there is hope. What are some things I could do to get the word out?

Went to the Doc. today

Was feeling like crap this morning. Started to get an unbearable cough. They took X-rays and found I got pneumonia! Suck! It would be nice to have the appetite I have had while I am sick without the cough-up-a-lung thing that is keeping me from exercising.

Got 2 anti-biotic shots today, a breathing treatment to help me breath easier. I can’t help but feel my sickness would be lessened if I was fit.

I guess the huffing and puffing in the gym will have to be offset by not eating anything but chicken broth a little while longer.

Eat Like Cookie Monster and Lose Weight!

I saw a shirt the other day that made me laugh:

It got me thinking about how cookie monster eats nothing but sweets yet never gains any weight. I mean, the guy eats almost anything he can find and has no self control. What is his secret? Well I think I figured it out…

As much as cookie monster loves to eat, he is actually really bad at it. I think the key to weight loss is not having any lips. As Mr. Monster gets more and more excited about food, he bursts into a feeding frenzy and begins to shove food into his mouth. The secret is that the food falls out before it’s consumed. While 100% of the cookie enters the mouth the lack of lips allows 95% of said cookie to fall out of his mouth and onto the floor. Based on this investigation I have determined that the key is to remove my lips. Without lips holding the food in my mouth, only a fraction of what I put in my mouth would stay there. If only 5% of what I put in my mouth ended up in my stomach I think I would be at the end of my weight loss journey already. I am starting to understand why he is always so hungry now.

Continuing on the theory of lipless animals, ever heard of eating like a bird? No birds I know have lips. If there is one, I bet he is overweight. Who knew your kisser could be so detrimental to your weight loss success? I think Fire Marshal Bill must have figured this out a long time ago because he too is lipless and thin.

Unfortunately my theory is somewhat flawed. If lips were a measure of someone’s ability to lose weight, by the same logic, Angelina Jolee should be huge.

How many different ways and ideas will we come up with to lose weight? Ridiculous ideas like removing your lips is not too far off from the crap I have seen lately. The sooner you accept the fact that proper diet and exercise is going to get you fit the faster you will be able to get to work and get going.

Today I Caught a Glimps of Future Me

Some days I get discouraged. I put a progress ticker on the the left side of the blog and my first reaction was, “Even after all this time and all this hard work, I am still only half way there.” I am a pessimist by nature but I have learned to always take a second look when the glass seems half empty. Don’t get me wrong, I am stoked about my progress so far but the smaller losses at weigh in since I started lifting weights gets to me sometimes. At one point I was averaging 5 pounds a week of weight lost. It was exciting to see the scale go down each week.

The scale still goes down but at a much slower rate. I am constantly asking myself, “Should I forget the weights for a while and drop the pounds faster?”

Then I stop and think about where I want to end up when I hit the top of this mountain. I want to be buff, not skinny. I know what you are thinking, “This guy is worried about looking skinny? He must be delusional.” Honestly though, I have no interest in having a runner’s body. More power to those that do, fit is fit regardless of what you look like, it’s just not for me. I want to be able to hang with my football brother-in-laws, teach my own boy about strength training when he gets old enough and look rather impressive for my smokin’ hot wife.

Sometimes you have to step back and make sure you are on the right path to meet your vision. While I haven’t seen as many pounds dropping each week, It’s the NSV that let me know I am on the right track.

I usually stand back from the mirrors during my shoulder weight lifting but this morning I was right in front of the glass. As I lifted, I saw muscles flex and was able to catch a glimpse of the future me. I can see him under there more than I ever have. It’s very exciting. Pants that I purchased in April are falling off my but and the new belt is in need of some holes to keep them up.

I realized something today. When the road ahead seems long and you begin to doubt the possibility of reaching your destination, sometimes you have to take a look back to see how far you have come. When you realize the potential that exists in you, the long road looks more like an opportunity of endless possibilities. I am grateful for the opportunity and possibility to be on that road.

Wherever you are in your journey, in fitness or in life, remember who you are. You are not the sum of your collective failures & successes. You are the exact person you hope to become until you prove to yourself otherwise. You have no control over what happened yesterday or your current destination. Those are facts. Only look back briefly to see how far you have come and to learn from your mistakes then focus your energy on the future. That is where you will find the person you hope to become.

Sick day = Time to blog again … day

November was crazy as we geared up for Christmas, delivered last of my wife’s big weddings of the year. I was in the running for a promotion, switched schools and geared up for the holidays while working every possible overtime hour so I could give my family a Christmas. When I would get home from a 10 hour work day I would get to cutting vinyl (a side part-time job) to earn extra money.

In all this craziness, I am trying to get in for doctors visits while trying to stay true to my weight loss goals. Well long story short, I missed my doctor apt. in November and December I couldn’t get an appointment for when I wasn’t working. I made my apt for the first week in Jan. and then was sent a letter that my Doctor no longer accepted my insurance, which was FRUSTRATING because the reason I chose that insurance in the first place was because it WAS accepted by my doctor. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I hate insurance.

I have met with the lymph-edema doc and got that under control with compression socks. It looks like I am wearing granny tights but you do what ya’ gotta’ do.

November was the closing of 2011 benefit elections at my work. It was then I had to make the decision if I was getting surgery or not. My wife and I know that this needs to happen now and that getting healthy and fit is worth whatever we have to sacrifice to make it happen. I maxed out my flex spending, got the expensive insurance and decided this would be the year. Although we can’t afford the benefits we even had last year, I know we will find some way to make it work. Also, I will have been with my company for 5 years this year which means an extra week paid vacation. This will make it a lot easier in terms of time off work.

So now I am searching for a new doctor so I can get in first thing February. I am scheduling July as my surgery month.

So why now? Why after months of not blogging did you decide to blog again?

I got sick. The week after Christmas my daughter and son got sick. He had Croup, she had Strep. My wife soon followed a couple days after with the flu, the piggy kind. I followed that up with Tonsillitis which has now turned into a severe sinus infection. I woke up this morning without a voice. I work 90% on the phone so today I said enough! I need to get better. So after sending the bad news to my boss I thought I would write this novel.

Plus side to being sick, the only thing I want to eat is chicken soup.

Green Chili Chicken and Lime Soup

Every once in a while I get to go out to lunch with my coworkers on the company. In a previous time in my life, this would be when I ask the waitress to back up a garbage truck to my table and poor as much food as possible into my mouth. No so much any more. Actually, I kind of enjoy eating out now because I choose items based on calorie counts. I have found a whole new world of food I love that I never would have tried before. I found such a dish at Chili’s that has now become a food staple in our house. It’s a fabulous Green Chili Chicken and Lime Soup.

I am soooo into soups now because my cravings get satisfied without giving up those oh so precious calories.  After making it 10 times now, tweaking it each time, I think I can now call my own. Make it this weekend and you will be hooked. Recipe after the break…

Thanks to Picky Palate for posting her version of the recipe. I used it as a launching pad for my recipe.

Summer Solstice 2011 Norwegian style & You’re Invited

I was lucky to marry into a family with a proud Norwegian heritage. Every year my father and mother in law put on a Norwegian style summer solstice festival at their house in Draper, UT. It’s called Sankthansaften or Midsummer. We will have good food, live music, and there will be a fun chuck wagon photo back drop for fun, free family pictures. There will not be the traditional alcohol consumption but there will be a traditional bonfire at dusk!

Click “read more” for location time and what to bring.

Tuesday the 21st at 6:00 P.M.

11553 South 700 West
Draper, UT 84070

What to bring:
A side dish or dessert to share and your own chairs or blanket.

I would love to meet you there if you can come. If you are planning to attend, let me know so I can look for you there.

A little inspiration up in here!

Sacrifice: Giving up something good for something better.
Success: The successful person is willing to do what the unsuccessful person is not willing to do. 
Character: The ability to carry out a worthy decision after the emotion of making that decision has passed..”
Hyrum W. Smith –
While I may have given up on maintaining this blog over the past … forever, I have not given up on my journey. I am still chugging along my path and even lost over 10 lbs. since last time I updated my weight loss chart. While I celebrate every pound that is no longer part of project Mike, I also kick myself for putting my health goal on the back burner to simmer when I need a full on rolling boil.

At the risk of a “that’s what she said” joke, here are are a few refocusing self affirmations:

 – SACRIFICE 30 min, 3 times a week from my family so I can be with them for many years to come. Do it when it sucks! 
– SUCCEED by going to the gym and busting out the cardio, keeping up on physician visits and by being a conscious eater. Do it when it sucks!
– Exhibit CHARACTER by never, never, NEVER letting setbacks, disappointments and frustrations determine my destination. Keep doing it when I suck!

How I Almost Died Getting In A Miata

About 5 yeas ago I worked at a car dealership. I was not at my peak fatness then but I was still not the svelte image of fitness I am striving for nowadays. No, I didn’t wear the checkered golf pants and white shoes the stereotypical “Slick Willie” car salesman wears bit I did sell cars.When you are a portly man and you sell cars, you hope customers you get are interested in conversion vans, SUVs, full size cars and the like. Let me tell you the story of how I almost died getting into a car. Yea, getting into the car not getting into a car …. accident.

Let me start this story by informing the public that all cars are not one size fits all.
Case in point, the Mazda Miata. When I was at the dealership, this guy who only stood about 4″11 walks in the door and says he wants the cheapest midlife crisis car we have. We ended up looking at tiny 2 door coupes. Everything was going great until the test drive. I attempted to enter the car, which in reality, probably weighed less than me at the time. The left foot and leg entered and I get my left butt cheek on the seat. I proceed to duck my head, as I sunk in backwards into the car. With chin tucked between my moobs (man boobs), I leaned back to sit in the seat and abruptly stop with my head lodged between my moobs and the top of the door frame. It’s interesting, the things that go through your mind when you begin suffocating while lodged in the door frame of a Miata because your too fat.
“I hope the guy doesn’t notice I’m stuck” turns into “This is embarrassing” turns into “Um, I really can’t breathe.” turns into “Holy crap I’m gonna’ die stuck in the door frame of a Miata.” I started to have visions of the fire department using the jaws of life to extract my dead, fat body from the human sardine can.

While I still have a long way to go, I am glad to say I no longer fear the small car. Yesterday we got our new car, a Honda Fit. It’s a great little car. It is actually quite big inside. I can even put on the seat belt. Now I can say I already got Fit. Why didn’t I think of this sooner. Buying the car is much easier than actually getting fit.

We wanted a Honda Pilot but this is what we could afford. Think I need to get a license plate that says something like FAT2FIT or GETNFIT or even just GET FIT.

Blog Makeover – Before and After

For a long time I have been considering the switch from Blogger to WordPress for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest motivators was that I wanted to feel like a big boy. Most the blog designs I envy are wordpress blogs. Any who, until I see more value in switching, I am sticking with what works for me. For now, I like the changes and hope you do too.

I want to get some opinions. Here is the old design:

I was going to post an “After” picture but that seemed redundantly redundant.

The new design was inspired by the RESISTANCE post. What do you think? Is it a little too tough looking for me. After all, I watch Oprah, cry when I watch Extreme Makeover and the past week I have had a Selena Gomez song stuck in my head. In my defense, I do like Ultimate Fighting, Weight Lifting and the 1969 Camero SS (my dream car).

Let me know what you think. After all, you guys are the ones that have to look at it when you check my blog 8 times a day and comment after every post. (**hint hint** wink wink)