Living an active lifestyle: It’s a choice

Yesterday we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Badger’s house for a visit. After church we headed over. Grandpa Badger is the epitome of an active lifestyle and Grandma is devoted to getting the granny fanny she has been carrying around gone forever.

Grandma & Grandpa Badger

Before I made the choice to stop living my fat life, dinner would have been the highlight of our visit for me. This last Sunday, spending time together and enjoying each others company was the highlight and dinner was a pleasant appendage to the visit. Dinner kept me on plan and after dinner everyone went for a walk.

Nothing new to my parents. They always want to go for a walk with the grand kids after dinner if the sun is still up. They would always invite and my wife would prod me but I would choose to blob out on the couch till they got back. Now, everyone know I would go without question. We bundled up in gloves and hats and walked towards one of the parks so the kid’s could have a few runs at the slides. As we walked we would have little races with the kids to get our heart rates up and keep Jeffrey & Katie interested in the walk. At the park there is a big hill and for fun we walked to the top. Huffing and puffing I thought about the time with my family I had given up and was thankful for the moment.

My babies Jeffrey and Katie

A mini snowball fight ensued when my teasing son thought it would be funny to throw snow at Karlie. Smiles were plentiful, some laughs and an appreciation for the term “quality time” came to mind.

Why had I chosen to miss out on this before? Was I really that lazy and apathetic? I get a little emotional but shake it off quick before Kar sees. (She hates when I think too much about that stuff.) We get back and put a movie on for the kids and the “grown ups” sat around the fireplace chatting about everything and nothing until it was past the kid’s bed time.

I am so lucky to be where I am right now. Looking through new eyes and in many ways experiencing life for the first time. My family is worth it, I am worth it, you are worth it. It comes down to a choice. We spend so much time and sanity worrying about things we can not control while letting the one thing we have complete control over go to the crapper. If you have an excuse, you have not made the choice. If you honestly chose to be healthy, excuses become nothing more than obstacles on the journey. Change your mind, change your diet, change your life.

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