I’m done being stupid

Hi, My name is Mike Badger. Just thought I would introduce myself to anyone who might still be listening out there. I got lost in my own bull crap. Today I got a reality check that made me feel stupid but may be what I needed to get my butt in gear.

Over the past couple of months, there was a lot that happened. The funny thing is that they were all good things. I helped my sister setup a successful Internet business that has created a new stream of income. Karlie and I found out we are going to have another baby. All good stuff. But when good stuff starts to happen, sometimes life gets busier than when all things seem like they are in the crapper.

I find it is the same with spiritual things. When I am at my lowest point or am in need of answers, I am quick to turn to God. When everything is going wrong or there is too much to deal with in life, I am sure to remember to pray, read scriptures and go out of my way to serve others. Then what happens is things start to go better for me. I start to find the answers I was looking for. I start to receive the blessings from doing the things that I know I should be doing. Then once I am feeling like everything is going well, I start to forget WHY I am receiving the blessings. My scripture reading slows, my prayers get shorter and fewer… and guess where I end up? Back at square one.

In my journey to lose weight and lead a healthy life, I am learning that it can be harder to keep going when everything seems to be going my way. With the steps I have taken along my journey, there are boundaries that have been built that keep me from ever getting to where I once was (524 Pounds) but in the past month of leaving the blog, abandoning the gym and making bad food choices, I have found my limit and enough is enough.

Today I had a new coworker come up to me as I was eating my lunch. On today’s menu, a bacon burger with blue cheese and a side of fries. Now this meal is not a representation of what I have been eating over the past couple months so don’t worry too bad, but it is what it is non the less. The coworker came over to ask me about my weight loss success. I felt like a complete idiot telling him about what I had accomplished as I sat next to my fat attack meal. What a <insert expletive> I was.

That was it!!! Enough is enough. I used excuses about the business, work and the craziness that was real for a few weeks. I have now stretched a temporary need to alter my schedule into a 2 month long excuse for turning my back on my goals and pushing forward.

I keep telling myself, I’ll get back to it by the end of the year. I pick it all back up January 1st. Forget that mess. I need to listen to my own tag line:

“It’s not WHERE you start. It’s WHEN”

I wanted to add this to this post for myself. I wrote this and now I am the one who needs to read it again.

One Day
This whole time I was one day away,
one day away from success.
Who knew the power
that 24 hours
could have on becoming my best?
I’ve always had the intention,
of a healthier life and physique.
but my thighs are still rubbin’
and my blubber’s still blubbin’
because of the day I would seek.
This whole time I was one day away,
only one day from leaving my sorrows,
But intentions can’t win
& fat never finds thin
if the day that you change is tomorrow.

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