If it’s not one thing

Last night I had an earlier shift at work and got off at 3:30. I was excited at the prospect of having a great workout when I got home but the whirlwind ensued. I got home and played with the kids and grabbed my afternoon snack of string cheese and Crystal Light. I sat at the computer and took care of some bills when my wife reminded me she had a meeting over at the church. Stink!

After Karlie got back I got ready to go bust my moves on the elliptical when there was a knock at the door. My brother in law Ty and his girlfriend Kylie stopped in for a visit and to see Jeffrey and Katie. It was a fun surprise and my kids love their uncle Ty. He is a big lineman for Utah State but is such a teddy bear with the kids. I had to excuse myself so I could still make it to the gym to get my workout in.

I jog out to my car, turn the key and get nothing. The battery is dead as a door nail. My neighbor, seeing my hood opened came over and offered to give me a jump. No dice. The rest of the night consisted of trying to diagnose the problem while finding a ride to work for this morning. I don’t know if I was more frustrated that my car was out of commission or that I missed my gym session. By the time I got everything squared away for my morning commute it was late even by my standards.

Sometimes crap happens I guess. 1st Doc. apt with my new doctor tomorrow. Blood tests to monitor my meds and I am stoked to report on my weight loss success. I hope I am able to connect with this new doctor like my old doctor. Insurance changes necessitated a move to a different doctor.

Food plan is on track and other than this stumble from the car troubles, so are the exercises. Shooting to hit my 100 pounds by the end of week.

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