I want your tip … (that’s what she said)

One of the things I am struggling with this week is drinking all the water I need to flush the crap-ola out of me that I am burning off. There are only 1 of 2 ways your body is going to flush the fat and in order for your body to do that job efficiently is to pee … a lot!

I work on the phones and frequent breaks just are not something that are consistant to performing well at my job. Yesterday I ate my grilled chicken sandwich while talking to a client. I need to take time though to go fill up my water bottle so I can get the fluids I need. It’s not like my work won’t let me get up to get a drink or anything, I just get so involved with the projects I am working on I find myself seldom getting up. I need to balance my work day out better again. Before I was tkaing every available break and drinking so much water I had to pee every 15 min. it seemed like. Also, on my scheduled break times I was doing some short but intense cardio. The interuption was a much needed way to break up my day.

One of the ways I like to get all the water I need down is my Crystal Light packets. I have shown these before but there seems to be a new flavor avery couple of months. I love these. Actually the WalMart knock offs are not to bad either. The grape is sweet like real sugar filled Kool-Aid and only like 5 or 10 calories. I am almost 100% off soda because of them. I think I have had like 3 diet cokes in the past couple of months.

I want to know your best little tip. What is something you do or use to help overcome the little struggles that slow your progress?

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