I lost 100 pounds!

When I started out today I had no idea what a momentous day it would prove to be. One year ago, I arrived at the KSL studios to try out for “The Biggest Loser”. I had made the decision that if I didn’t get on the show, it was time for weight loss surgery. Long story short, I didn’t even get a callback. Their loss. After the disappointment of that lofty but unlikely dream, I was forced with the reality of going under the knife or going under the dirt.

I started on the long, and expensive process of gastric bypass. Just to get the ball rolling with doctors I ended up coming out of pocket $2,300 after the consultations, Lymphedema therapies and medications. Without the donations of loving friends, family and perfect strangers, I never could have made that happen. 1 thing stood between me, and my surgery. Insurance required a 6 month evaluation before committing to pay for the procedure. My doctors, dietitian and psychologist told me to prep in the next six months to be healthy for the operation and then something even MORE amazing happened.

I went through the toughest psychological change in my life. I decided to be fit. Yes, it was that simple. Not to be confused with easy. Digging ditches is the simplest job on the planet but if you have ever been in a ditch with a shovel, you know there is nothing easy about it. Am I still tortured by food everyday? Yes. Do I want to go to the gym all the time? No. But because of the choice I made, becoming fit just became more important than all of the excuses.

Today, “The Biggest Loser” was in town for another season of tryouts. Didn’t make it. Don’t care. Went up town with the kids to the Children’s Museum after a killer workout burning over 1000 calories. Life was good. I usually weigh in on Sunday but pulled the scale out when we got home. 7 pounds lost this week. As the number sunk in I realized I had hit my 100 pounds lost mark ! Needless to say my good day, was significantly upgraded to one of the best days in my life.

I believe God often answers our prayers through others. This journey has confirmed that to me over and over. I decided the easiest way to stop hiding behind lies and shame would be to proclaim my commitment to the world, and guess who I found? YOU! My readers. Never have I felt more support from family, friends and this community of bloggers. You have given your encouragement, financial support and even a good swift kick in the pantswhen I needed it. My greatest advocate and my best friend, my wife has been unreal in what she does for me. She has prepared meals, encouraged me and most of all, walked right along side me in losing the weight. She is doing pretty awesome herself.

As you have seen, the donation button and tracker for the weight loss surgery are gone. For those of you that were so generous to donate, thank you. Your financial support was monumental with all the medical expenses that helped get me to where I am. There is a lot more ground to cover before I reach the summit of this journey but I will no longer be looking to surgery as the vehicle to get me there. In other words… Yay! No one is going to stab me with a scalpel.

I stop and look back, only to see how far I have come, but never to return where I once was. Then face the path before me with all the more drive to reach my destination.

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