I have never been THIS sore

So, I am really going to have to get used to the gift of soreness that body building is going to give me 2 days after my intense lifting. I know I should have ramped up to the heavy lifting and now I am paying the price.

The most intense and sweat producing exercises sessions I have done include intense muscle focus on one group such as chest and then follow up with 30 – 40 min of interval training. It is┬ásuper intense and just like when I started loosing weight and dieting, I know I am going to just have to push through it.

It is strange to be able to see muscle definition that I already have with much of the blubber cleared out of the way. Upper body not so much but lower body muscles are starting to peek through. The only way I will be seeing abs in the near future is if I draw them over my gut.

Supplements are going well. I need to add a post workout supplement to help repair muscles faster and offset some of the soreness. The best stuff I have found so far is Glutamane

(P.S. Blogger saved this post as draft and was written like 3 days ago…)

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