I am doomed to be fat forever!

Well for at least another 6 months (which feels like forever). Just as expected the insurance company is requiring that I give it another go down “short-term-result ally” in order for them to fork out the dough. They want measured doctor visits for the next 6 months documenting all that the doctor wants me to try before surgery. Reasons why that sucks like a Dyson Vacuum:

  1. I have to wait to do something I have worked myself up to do for the last 6 months just to be told I need to spend another 6 months.
  2. Because of my other medical expenses I would have only had to pay $2,000 out of pocket before my insurance covers the rest if the procedure was done this year. Now I have to pay $6,000 + out of pocket because my  out of pocket expenses will set back to $0 in Jan. Not to mention all the other expenses with medication, checkups….
  3. I am robbed of the 6 months I could be loosing 8-10 lbs a month a week! I want to enjoy my summer next year at 80 pounds lighter. Take 6 months out and maybe I only loose 35 pounds by summer.
  4. I am very interested in advancing my career and I feel opportunities that would be mine would be hindered at my current weight. (Because all fat people are lazy…right?)

More to come about the details of the good parts of the visit (yea there were high points)

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