How to Get Started

There are no secrets to weight loss. It is a matter of persistent tracking, hard work and a LOT of self refection. It’s impossible to understand all the reasons one lets themselves get to where I was when you are at the beginning. Getting the ball rolling from a dead stop is hard.Following someone a plan laid out by someone else is a great starting point. It takes the guess work and the trial and error out at first. I suggest, at least at first, NOT using meal supplement plans. Slimfast and the like are not a sustainable way of living in my perspective of things. The following are things that have been critical to my success. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. I am not selling a diet or a solution.For starters, You will need to have a few tools:

  • Food scale
  • Measuring Cups and spoons
  • Scale (don’t know how much you weigh but I got this scale that measures up to 550lbs off
  • Body Measuring tape
  • Set up an account at MyFitnessPal. It’s free.

I have found that any plan worth following will have the following aspects. Choose a plan you think you can stick with that encompasses the following:
1. I make yourself accountable to someone more than myself. When you get to a place where you have let yourself go, you have trained yourself to believe lies. I had to tell myself my lifestyle wasn’t that bad, that I was eating what a normal person was eating…. Find a person or a group who will help you see when you are not being honest with yourself. I chose the blog world because I needed to hear from people who had to start as far back as I was. No more “you just don’t understand” excuses.

2. Get an extensive physical. It makes no sense to beat yourself over the head trying to lose weight without understanding where you are at medically. There are a slew of things that will stunt your weight loss efforts. Get your blood work done! Have your doctor check you thyroid and insulin levels. It sucks to get a physical when you start but some of my most rewarding moments are my doctor’s office checkups when I can report to my doctor the progress I am making.

3. Get starting measurements:

  • Food – As much as you may want to start a diet today. Don’t. It sounds weird but eat the exact way you have been eating for one more week except measure it. Write down everything you eat. Don’t leave out anything. Get a food scale & measuring cups so you can be precise. You will feel reluctant to eat things because you have to write them down but do it anyway. After the week is done, enter everything you have written into MyFitnessPal to get how many calories you used to eat.
  • Body measurements – Weight, height, and body measurements that MyFitnessPal suggests.
  • “Before” pictures – Standing in front of a camera at your fattest is not fun. Looking back at them after you have come a way is priceless though. Keep in mind, while you may be horrified at the thought of letting other people see these pictures, one day you may have come far enough that you do want to share them to inspire others.
  • Evaluate average calories burned – MyFitnessPal does this for you when you set up your Goals

4. Set 1 goal – A Weekly calorie deficit goal is the ONLY goal you need to set. Everything else is an appendage to it. I suggest a daily caloric intake of 1200 calories at first. 1pound = 3500 calories. If you want to lose 2 pounds a week, you will need to have a net deficit of 7000 calories a week. The math:Calories in – Average Daily Calorie Burn – Exercises Calories = DeficitDeficit x 7 = Weekly deficitWeekly deficit / 3500 = Approx Weight Loss Per WeekFood composition will take you a while to get a hold of. A good rule of thumb is a deck of card size protein, a single or half portion of carbs, fruits & Vegetables. Drink a ton of water. Your water bottle should be with you at all times.Multivitamin is a good idea. I take a Centrum daily.

5. Track, Track, Track – for at least 3 months, track religiously. You will learn more than you could ever expect about yourself, the food you eat and life in general.

  • Track calories in and out daily
  • Write a daily journal about what you have learned, your frustrations, your successes, what motivates you. Share it with someone you trust.
  • Track body measurements weekly
  • Take pictures along the way. I only do it like every 3 months.

I PROMISE IT WILL SUCK SOMETIMES. But I also promise that if you do it, you will lose weight.Good luck and feel free to contact me.