How do you get pumped for the gym?

Some days I want to go to the gym like I want to get kicked in the crotch. It seems random but if I think hard, it’s usually when I get home and get into a vegetated state for too long. When I have been naturally active throughout my day, it seems easier. On the flip side, when I get to the gym despite my butt dragging like a bag of wet cement, I feel more accomplished.

Today is a butt-drag day but I am excited to go to the gym. I have some new workout tunes for my mp3 player that I am excited to work out too. Also, the fat-face comparison post gets me motivated. I think I need a boost so I will probably grab a Crystal Light Energy or something to pick me up a little.

Thanks for all the “atta boy” comments on the before and after face pics. Sometimes dragging my butt to the gym happens for no other reason than the people who are behind me pushing me to succeed. Thanks for the shove today!

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