Gimmie Your ZONE FACE!

I had a conversation with one of my buds at work. He has been working on his weight and yesterday I walked up to him and told him I was done. I told him I needed to get my game-face back on in a big way. In a Michal Jordan-“In The Zone”-sticking-my-tongue-out kind of way.

Besides the ability to dunk … and our first names, MJ and I have something in common. Our “Zone Face”. It’s a Badger thing. Grandpa George Badger has it … Dad Badger has it … and I fully expect my son to develop the awkward facial expression.

Your “Zone Face”, while ridiculous to the onlooker, is your best look. It means you have put all distractions out of your mind and you are focused. Your list of excuses and obstacles just become stuff you have to get over or get done.. When you wear your “Zone Face” , you are able to take roadblocks and compartmentalize them into easy to accomplish tasks.

I am going to the gym today. I am only eating 1500 calories today. I am drinking enough water to drown a fish today.

Down in the fourth quarter with a lot of ground to cover, but the tongue is out & the GAME – IS – ON!

Karlie Took a picture of the Michael Badger Zone Face to mock me with. It case you were wondering, I am doing the dishes in this pic. What can I say I get into housework when I have to do it.

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