First Day of School, Last Day of Elevators

6:00 AM

  • phone alarm starts playing the theme song to “Air Wolf” to wake me up, I hit snooze.

6:05 AM

  • Airwolf…Snooze…Repeat (3 more times)

6:25 AM

  • Finally give into the alarm, roll outta’ bed, pee, do an ABC shower

6:35 AM

  • Grab meals my wife lovingly prepared to get me off to a good caloric start

7:02 AM

  • Arrive at work after blazing through traffic at speeds that are more fitting to a bullet bike than a Honda Element

I am now confronted with 2 options:

  1. Take the elevator, maintain composure, and be ready to get on the phone with a customer
  2. Take the stairs, start sweating & breathing like I just gave birth to a 10 pound kid, log into my phone and wait about 5 min. to get my breath back, then start my calls.

I chose the second.

4:00 PM

  • Leave work and head over for my first day at school

4:30 PM

  • Take a pretty good hike from parking to the building.

My classroom is one above the main floor. I took the stairs … but only because the elevator was far enough away that it was actually easier to take the stairs.

6:50 PM

  • First class lets out, second class is on the other side of campus, no time to walk so I drove. (P.S. first class had chairs and desks I can fit in, hallelujah!)

7:05 PM

  • Late for class 2 walk fast to the building.

Same scenario. I took the elevator.

Now, if you are in the lobby of the empire state building, and you have to get to the 30th floor, take the elevator. But how dumb is it to schedule a time 3 days a week to force myself to exercise when I won’t even walk up one flight of stairs?

Which is more important to me? Composure and the assurance that no one will look at me as I gasp for air at the top of the stairs or the benifits that 3 flights of stairs, 3 days a week for the next semester will have on my heart, my health and my weight.

No more elevators for me!

Side note: Dodged the gauntlet of free crap food being given away by vendors for the first day of school kickoff. Surprised how it’s becoming easier to pass stuff by.

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