Fat Guy vs. Fit (The voices of my inner struggles)

Today at the gym I wanted to hit it hard to start off my week right. I started with 20 min of interval training on the elliptical. I do 4 min at a challenging level and on the 5th I go as hard as I can sustain for 1 min. It sucked. I wanted to work hard but my body was fighting me all the way through the first 20 min. At the end of the 20 min I had close to 350 calories according to the machine and I started to decide what to do ….

I don’t know if I watched too many cartoons as a kid but sometimes I imagine 2 different forces in a battle of fat vs. fit. Each represented by a guy on each shoulder.

Fit guy says “The hardest part is over. Just get to 500 calories. You can do that.”
Fat guy says, “Holy crap! Get me off this machine of death! Haven’t you done enough already?”
ME: Shut up fat guy! I am trying to listen to fit guy!
Fat: “Don’t listen to that idiot! We need some chili fries!”
Fit: “Look at you. You are already at 500 calories now! I bet you can hit 750.”
Fat: “Yea right! More like he’d like to eat 750 potato chips right about now!”
ME: Shut up fat guy! (I smack him off my shoulder)
Fit Guy: “1100 Calories! What a great workout on the elliptical.”
ME: Yea, I feel great. I am going to do a slow cool down on the treadmill for 200 more calories.
Fit Guy: “That will be a new personal best! Way to go!”
Sometimes you just have to tell your fat guy to shut up!I am so glad that I am finally listening to my fit guy. It doesn’t mean fat guy is going to stop showing up but if you listen enough to the voice that encourages and lifts you up, the easier it is to send fat guy packin.

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