FACE PALM: I hate when I do that!

Yesterday I was on track to be well under my calorie goal. We went to a birthday party and my kid gets served up this mammoth  slice of cake, I see it’s chocolate (uh oh)  with white frosting (ooooo my favorite) and there is custard filling in the middle (holy crap run!). I didn’t even have cake on my own freaking birthday. but somehow I convinced myself that I was going to have a bite, then 2 bites. In the end I probably ate half of the slice which was the size of a regular slice. face-palm!

For some reason my arch nemesis fat guy was screaming at me:

“Come on, you ate a salad & a chicken breast today. It’s been over a year you rabbit food munchin’ pansy. Can’t we even eat one piece of cake a year? One? Look at it, with
it’s moist chocolate goodness, and you know you can’t look away from custard filling.”

I looked around for fit guy and for some reason, he wasn’t even there. The worst part about eating food when you know you shouldn’t be, is you look stupid doing it. At least that’s what Karlie tells me. It’s stupid. I try to act all nonchalant as I put a fork full in my mouth. My wife looks at me and immediately. I know the way she looks at me. I have a guilty look on my face made even worse by over compensating for the guilty look. If I video taped myself I would probably bust out laughing at how ridiculous the whole charade is.

Moments like this seem like a big fail sometimes but I have to step back and see it from the perspective of the whole thing. No, I didn’t go over calories unless that cake was like 800 calories for a 2 inch cubic slice but still…. crap food is not something that is going to get me to 150 pounds lost by Sunday (my goal).

Hope my dumb admission keeps you from doing something similar this weekend. Enjoy the heat, do something active. Maybe even go T.V. free for the weekend. Finish the week strong. Much love. Have a good weekend.

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