Excercise makes me feel good.

Dieting does not make me feel happy. I am moody and frustrated as my body adjusts from years of eating wonderfully awful food. I am often hungry and when I am due for my meals, I am testy. Exercise on the other hand makes me happy.

Shirt from www.shirtwoot.com contest. Would wear one to the gym if it came in my size.

When I was in my “accept me for who I am, you are the one with a problem” stage in life I would often joke about people who ran arround tracks and ended up where they started. When someone would say they were going to be running in a marathon I would crack a joke about how you couldn’t get me to run if even if something were chasing me.

I love the way exercises makes me feel. I have WAY more energy, I feel accomplished, I sleep better and it motivates me to eat better because there is NO way I am doing another 30 min. of hard core elliptical just to eat something that is not on my diet plan. I am using a bodybugg I purchased used and it is worth every penney to help me track how many calories I am burning every day and for each workout. It helps me feel that every time I move my calories COUNT. You know how you get on the treadmill or elliptical trainer and even though your 20 or 30 min. workout is done you see you are at 450 calories and it just pushes you to get fifty more for an even 500? I do and this motivates me when I take my breaks, I walk. When I am waiting for my wife to pick me up at work, I run some stairs. I have a calories burned goal for each day like I have a calories intake goal. It’s awesome. The bodybugg is pricey because you not only have to buy the hardware but there is a monthly subscription. If I were to do it again I would go with a BodyMedia FIT. It is the EXACT same hardware and the subscription costs less.

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