Eating well while loosing weight

I love to eat. Just because I am trying to lose weight doesn’t change that. What is interesting to me though, is that I actually enjoy food more now. I think the reason I was eating crap is because it came easy and it came cheap. It wasn’t even exceptionally good. Now I feel like my food actually stops at my taste-buds for a while as apposed to simply being inhaled, bypassing the mouth all together.
For breakfast I ate 3 hard boiled eggs, an apple, and a string cheese. This was plenty to hold me over until lunch.
At my job, once a month the company pays for us to go to lunch. My team chose Thai food at Tyfoon. While everyone ordered beef and chicken dishes covered in thick creamy sauces, I settled on this beautiful dish.
Lightly blackened sashimi-grade ahi served atop a
bed of cabbage with a spicy soy mustard

It was amazing. The tuna was seared perfectly and the texture was rich and creamy. The spicy mustard sauce (a mix of mustard, soy sauce & wasabi) was a delicious high flavor, low calorie sauce & complimented the mild fish perfectly. Obviously I can’t afford to eat this delicacy often but it is a dish I can indulge in that doesn’t compromise my new lifestyle.

For dinner my wife tried a new recipe for turkey meatloaf and it was awesome! Paired it up with some pee-stinker asparagus and I will end my day well under my 1500 calories. And until just now, I hadn’t even realized I went the whole day without bread and I didn’t even miss it!

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