Eating the Moment

In my initial consultation for surgery, I met with a psychologist. I loved that the Surgical Weight Loss Center of Utah has a Psychologist in house. I was also very glad that it is part of the program. I truly believe that there the psychological changes are as important as the physical changes.   “Eating the Moment” by Pavel Somov. A lot of our conversation and advice she pulled straight from the book. I’m ordering it today. Has anyone read it?

Side note: Couldn’t they make these books not look like they are from the Oprah Book Club? I’m not asking for a scene from Rambo on the cover, just something I can read in the break room at my work without catching flack. Oh well.

Other books the psychologist recommend:

  • Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think
  • Eating Mindfully: How to End Mindless Eating and Enjoy a Balanced Relationship with Food

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