Cutting Costs & Counting Pennies

As we start to get more and more serious about getting surgery, Karlie and I have been doing some hard core budget crunching. So far we’ve cut our internet speed to one step above dial up, got rid of Netflix, canceled subscriptions to services that we didn’t need and are looking at opportunities to save on our cell phone plan. Every chances to save money we are looking at closely. Sounds like a painful process right? Not really.

It’s interesting the change that is starting to happen in our house as we prepare for this “life change”. It’s so much more than just surgery, it’s a change in attitude, a change in the way we think. So don’t laugh but a big wake up to me was when we were watching an episode on Oprah. (I said don’t laugh.) The show was about surviving in the rough economy and the focus was re-evaluating what we consume and why. It got me asking myself some big questions:

  • Why is my mind set on always getting the next thing?
  • Have I lost perspective of what I want out of life?
  • Am I giving up the things I want most to get what makes me feel good now?
  • Do I even know the difference between a NEED and a WANT?

The need to consume has obviously taken over my life physically but I am starting to see how it has effected me mentally and financially too. It’s been sobering to make the changes but has helped me discover just a little bit more some deep rooted habits and the changes I need to make to be successful.

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