Consistency and daily tracking are key

The past couple of weeks I would weigh myself almost every morning. It keeps me on top of my game and makes me push every day. Unfortunately when the scale is up a pound day by day but by the end of the week it’s been showing 4-9 ponds a week lost. problem is, my wife hates it because I get moody when there is no loss or when there is a gain. Even though I know 1 pound is less than a bottle of water I drank, going up a pound makes me mad. The + side is that seeing a pound gained, even if from water or some other variable, it drives me crazy to work harder.

At my wife’s request I stopped weighing in daily. In other news, I also lost my digital monitor for my bodybugg on the light rail train so I don’t have up to the min. info streaming to me of how many calories I have burned each day. Frustrating!

I have been doing “the plan” but without my tools for measuring I can’t gauge how I am doing. When I couldn’t resist getting on the scale this morning, I wanted to scream. Only 1 pound lost!!!! On average I would be 4 or 5 pounds lost by Friday. Grrrrr.

Reality check time:
Did I drink all the fluids I was supposed to? NO
Did I exercise according to the plan? YES but did minimum
Did I stick to the eating plan? NO calories consumed 1200 a day but composition of food was on and off.

Mystery solved.

$70 for a new digital display is worth it. I am picking one up at 24 hour fitness tonight. Sorry babe but I am weighing in everyday. Moody = pounds lost. Shopping for groceries tonight so should be set on food composition.

Goals need to be measurable in order for you to monitor progress.

I HAVE to get to at least 4 pounds by Sunday!

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