College football training starts!

My family participated in and enjoyed sports but we were never considered an athletic family by any streatch of the imagination. I married into THE football family in Utah. I am pretty proud of my brother in laws and admire their ability and increadible tallent.

Tyler is starting center at Utah State and Red Shirted his first year. Because we are so close, and Ty can usually get us tickets, we only missed a couple home games last year. It was AWESOME taking down BYU last year at home! As a freshman Ty is already a team captain.

Cody is playing for Southern Utah University and as you can see has already wrapped a Championship ring around his finger. Cody is defense and the ultimate game will be when Cody and Ty face up on the field.

The Larsen’s family is built around football. I recall many vacation dates and even my own wedding date at the mercy of a scheduled football game. One day, I want to be able to go toe to toe with these big boys at the gym. (lofty, I know).

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