Blaaah! Morning people

Over the past couple of days I have done an informal study of things that I notice about people who are fit. If I am going to become one of these people and try to look like them (not fat), I need to do what they do, eat what they eat (in some cases) and think like they think. During my observations I came to an appalling conclusion. I need to become a morning person …. Blaaaah! I have never been known as a morning person … but then again I have never been known as a fit person either … correlation? As much as I hate the idea, I think so.
My observations:
– Morning people go to bed with a plan. Other than setting the alarm to take a speedy shower, throw some clothes on and tear down the street to work I have no plan. I have a hard enough time coming to terms with the idea of waking up let alone everything that may come after.
– I hate going to bed. MY time begins when work ends (I work 50 hours a week on avg.) I find excuses to not go to bed even when I am beet. Morning people go to bead before the sun goes down in the summer. They wake up and blow sunshine out their backend the rest of the day.
– Morning people are the ones who, more than most, find time to exercise, eat right and look for opportunities to be active.
– Morning people seem happier.
Over generalizing? Maybe, but I think that that is part of the “life change” I need to at least try and adopt. I think I despise the idea of transforming to a morning person because they have bugged me my whole life with their “…good morning” sing song voices and their positive outlook on life at 5 AM. Not making an7y promises but an experiment is afoot.

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