Birthday dinner sashimi and volunteer work in Haiti

Tonight was one of the most relaxing nights out with my wife I have had ever. Kar’s mom looked after the kids for is while we visited the Mt. Jordan temple with Mandi, Joel and Grandma Larsen. (Kar’s side of the fam). After dropping grandma off at home the rest of us went for sushi.

Location and time constraints wound us up at Mikado in Sandy. We usually wouldn’t drop a lot of money but I rationalized it as my birthday dinner.

Kar and I ordered a large sashimi plate. The flavors and textures were phenomenal. The presentation on the other hand left much to be desired. When you are paying a premium for sushi I expect a little more effort on that front. To me the plate looked scattered across the over sized plate. Visually it was unorganized and uninteresting but, again, the quality was excellent.

Joel  is wearing sunglasses and Mandi is on the right.

Joel is wearing sunglasses and Mandi is on the right.

We visited about Joel and Mandi’s recent trip as volunteers to Haiti. Since the earthquake I think Joel has gone 3 times and Mandi has gone twice. Through  Foundation For Children In Need, a Utah based non-profit organization, they have been able to volunteer. I have given it a lot of thought lately and we discussed the possibility of me going with Joel next year. Their passion to serve has inspired me.

While Kar and I don’t have the financial resources to be full-blown philanthropists, we try and help monetarily when we can. One idea I have been developing to try and support the effort is to organize a local 5k for Haiti or something. I have NO idea how one goes about bringing something like that to fruition but a few short months ago I didn’t know how I was going to lose lose over 100 pounds either:) My hope is to use the excitement and interest surrounding my weight loss to benefit the children in Haiti somehow. Any ideas are welcome.

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