Damn Insurance (╯°□°)

6 MORE months. Really? I have done 5 years of diets, read all the books the dietitians gave me last time. The problem isn’t that I don’t understand emotional eating and how it affects me. The problem isn’t that I don’t understand portion sizes. food choices or calorie intake but because some idiot putting together the insurance policies decided they could weed out enough people from getting the surgery and save the insurance company money, they decided to delay treatment for an illness 1/2 a year.

I am more than a little bugged. UHC has policies that allow for 6 months ORdocumentation of a diet and exercise plan for 3 months but because the committee that was formed by ADP/CDK to decide bariatric benefits didn’t have anyone suffering from morbid obesity on it.

And so it goes. It looks like there is no other choice if I want to get weight loss surgery. Of coarse I can lose weight without the help of WLS. It is not the solution, it is a tool. But would you frame a house if you only had a spoon available for the next 6 months to drive in the nails or would you wait the 6 months until you could get the hammer?

Weight-Loss Surgery and My Insurance – Episode 1

Here is my first episode, of what I expect to be many, documenting the ins and outs of what it takes to get my insurance company to pay for my weight-loss surgery. Each insurance company has it’s own requirements. I can only provide my experiences with United Health Care (UHC) but hope to provide enough information that it can help others with whatever carrier they are dealing with.

I am fortunate to have a friend guiding me through the process who has experience with UHC and meeting the qualifications for receiving pre-approval for the procedure. This is the documentation my friend provided me from UHC about the requirements.

Something almost all insurance companies are going to require is a history of documented attempts to reduce weight. For UHC, the documentation that was provided and successfully submitted by another person resembled the following example to the right.

I have a very detailed history of my attempts at weight loss and am in the process of summing it up in a journal such as this for submission to my insurance via Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians (RMAP).

After submitting all your information to RMAP, I expect to have to call on a regular basis until I receive approval. According to others who have gone through the procedures via RMAP, it will likely take many phone calls to get the approval required from UHC.

Another requirement I must meet is a psychological evaluation. Tomorrow I will schedule an appointment with my primary care physician and will ask him for a referral so that I can schedule that out as soon as possible.

Moving Forward With Gusto

The informational seminar was exactly what I expected. A lot of information was provided about the different procedures. The seminars are led by one of the 3 surgeons who perform the procedures. My session was led by Steven C. Simper.

Steven C. Simper, M.D., F.A.C.S

Steven C. Simper, M.D., F.A.C.S

After reviewing the profiles of the 3 available doctors, I have chosen him as my my preferred surgeon based on his extensive experience. From a very reliable source, I have been told that his bedside manner kind of stinks compared to the other doctors available but that he is the best surgeon.  I am not interested in hand-holding and am not looking to my doctor to be my source of emotional support. I want the Chuck Norris of surgeons and let’s just say the mustache doesn’t hurt the metaphor.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass

After attending the required information seminar with Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians I have decided that the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass is the best fit for my situation and, among the 4 procedures offered, will serve as the best tool for my weight loss journey. Simper did a thorough job explaining each procedure, carefully listing the risks, benefits and general costs associated with each procedure. I appreciated the direct approach he took in answering questions asked

List of the 3 surgeons practicing through Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians.

List of 4 procedures offered through Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians.

After gaining back the majority of the weight I lost I am turning to weight-loss surgery

It’s 2015. I have been gone from blogging and gone from weight loss. I am 475 lbs now and am looking into weight loss surgery to help me achieve what I had before. I have proven to myself I can lose the weight, now I just need to do it as efficiently as possible without putting the rest of my life on the back burner like I had to last time.

I am attending a meeting tomorrow with Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians tomorrow @ 10am.

This is the information you will get via email after signing up.

Weight Loss Surgery Presentation Invitation Reminder

Dear Patient,

Thank you for registering for Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians Weight Loss Surgery presentation on Saturday August 8th, 10:00 AM.  This FREE seminar is taught by one of our Surgeons, as well as the Education Director.  Together they will discuss FOUR different weight loss surgeries in detail, addressing the risks and benefits associated with them.

The Seminar lasts about an hour and a half.  Feel free to bring along a friend, however, we ask that no children attend.  This is a “no pressure” informational learning time.  Your questions are encouraged.

If you have already decided that you would like to proceed with the surgery and would like to get the process going as quickly as possible, please complete the attached document.  Bring it with you to the seminar, along with your health insurance card, and give it to the education director before the seminar begins.  We’ll then inform you of your next step at that time.

Please let us know if you are unable to attend so that we may offer your seat to another guest.

Directions to our office:

Salt Lake City

Head East on 3900 South to 1160 East (south side of the road)

We are in the NORTH tower of St. Marks hospital

Elevator to the 4th Floor – Right down the hall to the end Suite 4200

Come back?

Last post was dated in December of 2011. Today is Tuesday, April 16, 2013. In that time my wife and I welcomed a new baby girl into our family, made a big job change, sold our house, moved in with my in-laws and decided to go back to college to get my bachelor’s degree.

My life as I knew it went from a steady day-to-day routine to a vortex of change. I don’t regret any of the choices we have made. I have embarked on a new and promising career, I am out of my upside-down house, my family is happy and surrounded with people who love them and my work is paying for ALL of my education. My relationship with my wife is deeper and more meaningful than ever. My relationship with God strengthened and expanded. Aaaaaaaaaand I got fatter.
For the time that I actively wrote on this blog, my life was consumed with my physical health. It had to be. There is a problem with giving one aspect of your life 95% of your focus. The 5% leftover gave little room for improvement in every other area of my life. My work suffered. I decided to stop going to school and the quality time I spent with my family was strained. I did not abandon everything I learned during my most successful periods of weight loss, but disciplines and the little daily things that make up the success of a healthy life slowly began to fall by the wayside.

So now what Badger?

Well, it’s time to find balance. When doing some sole searching this past weekend it became very clear to me that it was impossible to find balance in my life without physical fitness being a part of that balance. And so here I am.

I am a different person than I was the last time I graced this blog with my presence. Expect a change of pace and a broader focus on health in the broader sense. There will likely even be a blog address change and or revamp.
Here is to the future and the quest to find my best life. I welcome you to take the ride with me.

A little lesson I learned from the cop that pulled me over today

Last night, like most nights lately, I went to bed around one o’ clock in the morning. I woke up tired and because I didn’t immediately have to leave for work, determined I needed a haircut. I knew I didn’t have enough time to get it done this morning , but I also knew that would be the case any other time in my day…week…ever. Sitting waiting for the officer to bring me my speeding ticket an hour later I realized maybe I was trying to go a little too fast for my own good in more ways than one…

Because of money issues, we have been going a million miles a minute for a while. It seemed that even giving up sleep was not enough. Times like that don’t last forever but if you are going that way for too long, even when you don’t really have more than you can handle, you force yourself to be unnecessarily busy because that is the only life you have known for a long time.

The lie:

“I am too busy right now to go to the gym and eat right. Right now is just to crazy to be worrying about dieting and exercising because [insert excuse here]. I will get back on-track [insert some date in the future that is not TODAY].”


“Life is busy so I am going to have to limit [insert unimportant activity here] and use that time to focus on my health. I know I am not as busy as I like to think I am and if I don’t go to the gym it’s not because I don’t have time, it is because I have decided that the time I spend on my health is less important than [insert unimportant activity here]. If I am honest with myself there are very few things more important.

I have become a hoarder of projects. There is just so much stuff I don’t need in my life, it’s crowding out what is important. Trying to cram more and more into my life is not helping me get more done, it’s just getting me stuck. Time to clean house. Literally, figuratively and schedule…ly.

When you have to chose Good vs. Good

When I started out on my weight loss journey, my days were filled with extra time. I spent many hours laying around, playing games, watching TV. When I made the decision to get fit, it was almost more about stopping bad habits than starting good ones. A lot of time has passed since then and now I am faced with a whole new paradigm.

Nowadays there is almost no “free” time. Our family struggles constantly to get ahead financially. We always seem to be able to cover our needs but rarely seem to make up any lost ground. Out of necessity, a lot of the time and effort that once was dedicated to focusing on our health began to be allocated to paying down debt and gain some financial footing.

The old struggle used to be a decision to do something instead of nothing. Now I am faced with 2 good choices. There are always multiple things cooking on the stove. For a long time I was able to put everything else in my life on the back burner and put weight loss dead center in my life. This is exactly what needed to happen to get me going from where I was at. The problem is, some things can only remain “back burner” items for so long.

I think it’s going to take a heavy dose of time management, a lot of saying “NO” to less important things and a true commitment to find the balance I need.

Gimmie Your ZONE FACE!

I had a conversation with one of my buds at work. He has been working on his weight and yesterday I walked up to him and told him I was done. I told him I needed to get my game-face back on in a big way. In a Michal Jordan-“In The Zone”-sticking-my-tongue-out kind of way.

Besides the ability to dunk … and our first names, MJ and I have something in common. Our “Zone Face”. It’s a Badger thing. Grandpa George Badger has it … Dad Badger has it … and I fully expect my son to develop the awkward facial expression.

Your “Zone Face”, while ridiculous to the onlooker, is your best look. It means you have put all distractions out of your mind and you are focused. Your list of excuses and obstacles just become stuff you have to get over or get done.. When you wear your “Zone Face” , you are able to take roadblocks and compartmentalize them into easy to accomplish tasks.

I am going to the gym today. I am only eating 1500 calories today. I am drinking enough water to drown a fish today.

Down in the fourth quarter with a lot of ground to cover, but the tongue is out & the GAME – IS – ON!

Karlie Took a picture of the Michael Badger Zone Face to mock me with. It case you were wondering, I am doing the dishes in this pic. What can I say I get into housework when I have to do it.

Give me YOUR “Zone Face”. Click the facebook icon on the right to go to facebook and post YOUR ZONE FACE.

I’m done being stupid

Hi, My name is Mike Badger. Just thought I would introduce myself to anyone who might still be listening out there. I got lost in my own bull crap. Today I got a reality check that made me feel stupid but may be what I needed to get my butt in gear.

Over the past couple of months, there was a lot that happened. The funny thing is that they were all good things. I helped my sister setup a successful Internet business that has created a new stream of income. Karlie and I found out we are going to have another baby. All good stuff. But when good stuff starts to happen, sometimes life gets busier than when all things seem like they are in the crapper.

I find it is the same with spiritual things. When I am at my lowest point or am in need of answers, I am quick to turn to God. When everything is going wrong or there is too much to deal with in life, I am sure to remember to pray, read scriptures and go out of my way to serve others. Then what happens is things start to go better for me. I start to find the answers I was looking for. I start to receive the blessings from doing the things that I know I should be doing. Then once I am feeling like everything is going well, I start to forget WHY I am receiving the blessings. My scripture reading slows, my prayers get shorter and fewer… and guess where I end up? Back at square one.

In my journey to lose weight and lead a healthy life, I am learning that it can be harder to keep going when everything seems to be going my way. With the steps I have taken along my journey, there are boundaries that have been built that keep me from ever getting to where I once was (524 Pounds) but in the past month of leaving the blog, abandoning the gym and making bad food choices, I have found my limit and enough is enough.

Today I had a new coworker come up to me as I was eating my lunch. On today’s menu, a bacon burger with blue cheese and a side of fries. Now this meal is not a representation of what I have been eating over the past couple months so don’t worry too bad, but it is what it is non the less. The coworker came over to ask me about my weight loss success. I felt like a complete idiot telling him about what I had accomplished as I sat next to my fat attack meal. What a <insert expletive> I was.

That was it!!! Enough is enough. I used excuses about the business, work and the craziness that was real for a few weeks. I have now stretched a temporary need to alter my schedule into a 2 month long excuse for turning my back on my goals and pushing forward.

I keep telling myself, I’ll get back to it by the end of the year. I pick it all back up January 1st. Forget that mess. I need to listen to my own tag line:

“It’s not WHERE you start. It’s WHEN”

I wanted to add this to this post for myself. I wrote this and now I am the one who needs to read it again.

One Day
This whole time I was one day away,
one day away from success.
Who knew the power
that 24 hours
could have on becoming my best?
I’ve always had the intention,
of a healthier life and physique.
but my thighs are still rubbin’
and my blubber’s still blubbin’
because of the day I would seek.
This whole time I was one day away,
only one day from leaving my sorrows,
But intentions can’t win
& fat never finds thin
if the day that you change is tomorrow.

Stupid Quicksand

Yesterday I finally updated my stat counter thing on the right. 350 pounds puts me at almost 175 lost. That is 10 pounds down from what the stat counter said before. That is good and all but people, I have been 350 for almost over a month now. I am stuck in quicksand.

I have gone to the gym here & there, I have taken on a plan commitment and flip-flopped on it like the turd that I am. I am not losing weight, I am not gaining weight, I am just stuck in quicksand.

I try to be active I try to move most days but now and then I take the elevator at work. I don’t go on walks on my break but I don’t eat doughnuts …. except that one time 🙁 I want to snack all the time and once in a while give in. I am not winning, I am not losing, I am stuck in quicksand.

I come home from work, have to focus on my other work. I love it, I live it but I am having a hard time finding the desire and time for my weight loss goals. I don’t eat pizza and pasta I still give up some stuff but now and then I eat what the kids are eating or put dressings or toppings on healthy food to make it taste better. I am not giving up but I am not giving my all. I am stuck in the <bleeeeepin> quicksand.