Allan DID say it would suck

Today, going on 50 hours at work, the free pizza they order on Saturday at my work looks like it was made for my taste buds. To top it off, I didn’t have time to be very well organized with my breakfast and lunch. I had to My wife had to throw it together as I ran out the door this morning. Next to the hot cheese, and hot tomato sauce, my lunch was about as attractive as Rosey O’ Donald in the morning with no makeup, the Pizza on the other hand had the appeal of Jessica Alba.

I have done well before on diets but tend to falter when the convenience and excitement of starting the diet fade into the reality of the inconvenience and struggle that a TRUE DIET AND EXERCISE is.

I picked up a plate deciding which piece of pizza was worthy of yielding to. Which slice would make all that I am working for worth giving up for a brief pause of tasty bliss. “I could do extra exercises today and burn off the calories” I told myself. I looked around to choose carefully. As I looked, scanning left then right and then left again, I realized that there wasn’t a piece to be found. There was no slice that I wanted more than the long term effects of NOT taking a slice.

When this epiphany came to me, my heals dug into the ground, I tossed my empty paper plate on the table. I began to get angry that I had even let myself walk into such a familiar trap and began walking, then bounding down the hallway. I huffed up a flight of stairs to the second floor, chugged down the second floor hall until I reached the end and ran down the stairs to return to my starting point, but I didn’t stop. I continued making laps down the hall, up the stairs, through the second floor hall then down the second set of stairs. I reached the last step of the 6th lap, my legs burning, my heart racing and my resolve strengthened.

It was a hard but proud moment for me. A small victory at changing not only my poundage but my whole attitude about myself and what matters to me. I know… I know queue the melodramatic music …

Someone who does not understand what it is like to go from morbid obesity will tell you, you can do it it’s easy. While well intended I just want to say “screw you skinny butt!” It’s like a guy telling a woman in labor he understands the pain she is going through.

The truth is hard but believing anything but the truth will get you nowhere when you are going from 500 pounds to a “normal” human being. Like him or hate him, my bud Allen told the truth when he said “It will be hard, it will be a pain in the ass, and you will lose weight.”

” Sacrifice: Giving up something good for something better.
Success: The successful person is willing to do what the unsuccessful person is not willing to do.
Character: The ability to carry out a worthy decision after the emotion of making that decision has passed..”
– Hyrum W. Smith –

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