A year Older 115 Pounds Lighter

  • Pop-Up Birthday Card – $5
  • Balloon bouquet – $20
  • Present from DeWalt – $220
  • Sushi Dinner for 2 – $70
  • Shopping for shirts 2 sizes smaller and pants 6 inches fewer…


The day was awesome. My mother in-law embarrassed me by bringing balloons to my work and singing happy birthday not holding anything back. I told the loud opinionated Nigerian I work with that it was was nice but embarrassing. He pointed his finger at me and sternly said “You better appreciate that! That is love. Nobody comes singing for my birthday!” He was right.

I got off early and headed home to happy, excited kids. My wife and my babies gave me my awesome gift. I mentioned made it vary apparent in a previous post I was eying a DeWalt cordless drill. Now I have no excuse for the projects around the house I’ve have been putting off.

After that Karlie took me clothes shopping! Out of all the NSV moments so far, this has to be the best.I remember the shame and disgust with myself each time I had to go up a size to hide the fat. At my heaviest, it was hard to find anything that was fashionable in my size. Now at a 4X, I am still shopping at the big & tall store. Soon I will be to 2X and shop wherever I want. Trying on new clothes and having to keep asking if they “have that in a smaller size” was my favorite part of the day. A PERFECT pair of jeans, a pair of slacks and a couple shirts later, I was on cloud 9.

Your birthday is one time in the year you can eat whatever and how much you want especially if you are trying to lose weight. It only makes sense to celebrate one more year of life by doing your darnedest to shorten it by the food you eat……NOT!!!

I will admit, I did go over my calorie goal for the day, I did not eat “the plan” yesterday, but a free-for-all it defiantly was not. Even though we just had sushi the other night, it was so good and the only thing I crave that doesn’t require a grease detox after consumption. In the end, I kept it under 1500 calories for the day. That’s 300 more than I would usually consume on my plan. I am OK with that. Well, I’m OK with that now that I went to the gym and busted out 900 calories in interval training at the gym. As you can see above, the closest thing to cake on my birthday was a candle suck in a fruit tray. There has to be a candle in something right?

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