A win with a fail on the side

Every month there is a day at work that is … well not so bad. Every month the company treats my team to lunch. Typically lunch breaks are about 30 min but on these days, the team lunch lasts min. 1 hour. We go to a decent place, typically in downtown Salt Lake.

We are a team of 5, including my manager but only 4 of us are usually here on any given day. Because there is only 4 of us, there is only need to take 1 car. I drive a Honda Element that houses a portly person in all 4 seats comfortably. The problem is the, the two back seats are strapped down with chairs for the 2 kids. Just remove them you say? No no no no. Not unless I want to unleash a furry of crumbs and, who knows what that lurks under the rarely removed collect all that is a child’s car seat. So I usually end up in some dilemma. I can either offer to drive one other person forcing the use of 2 cars or agree to ride in someone’s car (hopefully in shotgun) and pray the contortion of my body to fit in their “normal” sized vehicle doesn’t cut off my airways completely. Either way is usually an apparent display that I probably shouldn’t be eating lunch at all.

This last week I find myself choosing the second of the two options by climbing into my boss’s Purple Mazda 3. I had survived this feat before but the effort was the equivalent of sitting on top of an over packed suitcase while zipping it up. Not a comfortable situation…usually. This last trip I slid right in the car. My thighs were comfortable between the door and the center console and closing the door did not require the roll to the left while closing the door. I just shut the door. I was able to move around and didn’t realize what was going on until I found myself surprised at how comfortable I was in such a small car until I realized I wasn’t comfortable because the car was spacious, it was that I WASN’T as spacious. It was great.

Then the fail. We got to the restaurant “Red Rock”, an excellent restaurant built around an award winning brewery and sat down. Appetizers were ordered. Calamari and 1 8 inch diameter stuffed mushroom. The calamari were fried and the mushroom was stuffed with everything not calorie free. For the first time I caved. I sampled a couple calamari, the first fried thing I have eaten since the start of this blog and ate 1/4 of the stuffed mushroom. In my brain I compromised the food because I was getting a shrimp salad with palm hearts and caper berries and a vinaigrette dressing. It was the lowest calorie thing after analyzing the menu. My big mistake was forgetting to ask for the dressing on the side. CRAP! The salad came and looked amazing. When I realized I forgot to ask for my dressing on the side, my heart sunk. While not drenched in the dressing, the salad was tossed to lightly coat everything in the salad. No way of getting the dressing off. Now in telling the story I wish I would have eaten the shrimp on top of the salad and only 1/4th of the coated lettuce but I didn’t. I ate the whole thing. WHY? The thingĀ  that drove me the craziest was I didn’t know how many calories.

Regret set in as we left the restaurant and the tastes that only lasted while the food in my mouth faded. I have had plenty of experience feeling regret for food I have put in my mouth in my life but this was more than regret, I was pissed. Honestly, I have NOT regretted anything I have eaten since I started because I have been so vigilant with my food but now my “perfect” streak ended. This was not the emotion I had before with food where I wanted to trash the whole thing or anything like that. It was more like getting the first noticeable scratch on a brand new car. Frustrating. I tried to “buff out” the scratch by hitting the gym that night.

Last night my wife and I admitted to ourselves that we were getting sloppy with our calorie counting and only loosely following our food plan. I am sure the scale will reflect it on Sunday at weigh in. It’s easy to get in a funk but what does that help going forward.

Own it, learn from it, get over it, get on with it!

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