A Swift Kick in My 5XL Pants

If you start a blog about being overweight & open it up for comments, be ready for someone to point out stuff you don’t want to hear.

One of my followers, Allan is kind of a balls to the wall guy. Actually he is the only other guy I know blogging openly about his weight loss. While “irreverent”, as I have described before, his approach gets me up on my toes.

The majority of the time I do best with encouragement and positive reinforcement but after last night’s crying fest I needed someone to tell me to suck it up and get to work.

On a side note, I had my largest contribution towards my weight loss surgery come in as you can see in the little widget on the right! Thank you so much everyone who has shown your support by donating even the smallest amount. It adds a level of accountability that solidifies my dedication to making life changes NOW!

If you want to follow what he wrote on his blog and the comments that followed go check it out.

WARNING: Allan’s likes his 4 letter words
so if you click over to his blog…be ready.

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