A puch in the face

I work tech for a software company. I have been there 5 years this month. The people are great to work with, I like the job but I have been there so long that I feel my skills are VASTLY under utilized. I have been there so long because I am trying to advance to a position on the Quality Assurance team with the same company. I have shadowed QA guys, taken on extra support for BETA testing sites, helped with regression testing and have become one of the best guys at SQL on my team. I have applied for the position with QA twice now. The first time I applied, I knew it wasn’t likely I would get the job because of another shoe-in candidate but this time I was a prime candidate… or so I thought. Looooong story short, I found out that not only did I not get the job, someone who has been with the company a quarter of the time I have, got the job. The worst part, I think one of the reasons he got the job was because a lot of my hard work building complex SQL statements that has saved the company countless hours and headache got repackaged as HIS work. Although I like the guy and believe he will be good at the new job, it is needless to say I was NOT having a good day yesterday.

Que the comfort food right? WRONG. The old Mike would have gone into a week long funk numbed with deliciously awful foods and moping around work pissed at my situation. New Mike stuck it out till work was over yesterday, came home to change and hit the gym. When your pissed, you can work out like nothing else. I hit the elliptical machine for a WHOLE HOUR killing 1150 calories then finished up on the treadmill for 30 min. for another 350 calories. 1500 calories wasn’t enough. I still wanted to punch someone in the face so I hit the weights. After rocking out every one of my upper body muscles, the feeling of being warn out drowned out the suck that happened from work. Because I had taken care of my frustrations at the gym, I didn’t take my anger home to my family. In fact after working out I took the kids off my wife’s hands and went shoe shopping for them (an exercise in patience on a good day.)

Although I am over the initial anger, trying to get my job done today with everyone congratulating the other guy and hearing how he is going to be able to move his family into a house is going to make for a very unproductive day. I need to regroup today. I decided to take a personal day today in the best interest of the company, my customers and my sanity.

It’s likeĀ  I told my bud Ron, a newcomer to the weight loss blog world:

“Don’t focus on the crap happening to you. You can’t control 90% of it. You DO however have 100% control over your body. Focus you efforts on what you have control over and crush some goals!”

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