A good day of NSVs

Yesterday was an exciting day of Non-Scale Victories (NSV). It started with not one but 2 comments from people at work who took a first time look at me since I have dropped the weight and told me how great I was looking. Always fun to hear. Of coarse I thank them and appreciate the possitive feedback but quickly focus on the fact I am less than half where I need to get to.

The major NSV came when I met my new doctor. Now, for those of you who have never had to stand in front of a doctor as a morbidly obese patient, doctor visits are rarely a pleasant experience. The Dr. and the staff have nothing to do with the unpleasant experience. When you are faced with the reality of your health after constantly disregarding it, it’s hard to have a positive attitude after a doctor appointment. When you have almost lost 100 pounds, you are on top of your medications and your blood work is current, the doctors is great! Kudos all around for fat guys that are loosing weight in a doctor’s office. I even had fun. Thanks to my friend Wendy for referring me to Dr. Heath. Him and his staff were excellent. I never felt so comfortable and welcome in a doctor’s office before. While I have gained pounds form water weight due to my Lymphedima, the meds have been refilled and new compression socks ordered to get them back to ankles instead of kankles. Even though I know the weight gained is water, it’s going to be disappointing to not be able to see my weight loss progress this week. Generally it takes 3-5 days for the swelling to completely go down so by next weeks weigh in should be great.

After the doctor’s we went to visit my side of the family. We ate some delicious Mexican tortilla soup for dinner with a greenĀ  salad. It was delish with a generous dash of hot sauce. While not on Allan’s menu for the day it was satisfying and kept me well within my 1200 calorie limit for the day. For desert everyone but me and Kar had yellow cake with chocolate frosting. For desert I enjoyed compliments from my dad and sister about the pounds I dropped. It was more satisfying than the cake……but I still want cake.

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