A little lesson I learned from the cop that pulled me over today

Last night, like most nights lately, I went to bed around one o’ clock in the morning. I woke up tired and because I didn’t immediately have to leave for work, determined I needed a haircut. I knew I didn’t have enough time to get it done this morning , but I also knew that would be the case any other time in my day…week…ever. Sitting waiting for the officer to bring me my speeding ticket an hour later I realized maybe I was trying to go a little too fast for my own good in more ways than one…

Because of money issues, we have been going a million miles a minute for a while. It seemed that even giving up sleep was not enough. Times like that don’t last forever but if you are going that way for too long, even when you don’t really have more than you can handle, you force yourself to be unnecessarily busy because that is the only life you have known for a long time.

The lie:

“I am too busy right now to go to the gym and eat right. Right now is just to crazy to be worrying about dieting and exercising because [insert excuse here]. I will get back on-track [insert some date in the future that is not TODAY].”


“Life is busy so I am going to have to limit [insert unimportant activity here] and use that time to focus on my health. I know I am not as busy as I like to think I am and if I don’t go to the gym it’s not because I don’t have time, it is because I have decided that the time I spend on my health is less important than [insert unimportant activity here]. If I am honest with myself there are very few things more important.

I have become a hoarder of projects. There is just so much stuff I don’t need in my life, it’s crowding out what is important. Trying to cram more and more into my life is not helping me get more done, it’s just getting me stuck. Time to clean house. Literally, figuratively and schedule…ly.