Oct 10, 2011

Weight Loss vs. Weight Loss Blogging

I read weight loss blogs to be encouraged, to get motivated, to get tips. You don't want to here drawn out excuses and I don't really want to write them. With that being said, I appologize for my loooong absents. I had the opportunity for a new business venture and I had to invest all my extra time into that effort for a while. Me & Kar have been busy launching this baby with my talented sister & my brother inlaw. Now that I am finding my equalibrium, I have a little bit of breathing room to get back to blogging.

So where are Kar and I on the weight loss front?
Well, let's just say you didn't miss much. We gained some weight we lost some weight and we are back to the same point we were about 2 weeks ago. Considering all that has been going on in the world of Badger, I am okay with that.

Now what?
Back to freekin business. 3 Days at the gym a week, a meal plan that is written out not shot from the hip and some seriouse focus on getting sleep.

All this "stuff" blew up right at the end of NO SODA SEPTEMBER so we still need to draw a winner from those who pledged to NOT drink soda in Septempber. Winners will be announced tomorrow!

Good to be back!!!


Val said...

Glad to have ya back!!

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back too.

fatgirlinaskinnyworld said...

OOO I hope I win :D I've been soda free all of October so far too!!!

Sorry that life got crazy busy (I'm about to post on that very subject too so stay tuned to my blog!)

You guys are doing awesome though and at least you're not using the excuse of being busy to eat whatever whenever.

Valerie H said...

Hey there, Badgers! It's your East Coast fan finally coming out of lurk mode and posting a comment. :)

It was absolutely awesome to meet you both in person while my husband and I were in SLC, and I just wanted to say thanks again for coming over and chatting. I hope I didn't weird you out with my fangirl status, but I was super psyched to tell you in person how awesome you both are.

I've included the link to my (rather sad and non-updated) food blog as the link under my name here; Karlie, I know you and I talked about the idea of being kitchen-shy and I wanted to be sure you had a link to the post I was talking about.

Keep on rocking, and know that you have fans cheering you on all over!

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