Stupid Quicksand

Yesterday I finally updated my stat counter thing on the right. 350 pounds puts me at almost 175 lost. That is 10 pounds down from what the stat counter said before. That is good and all but people, I have been 350 for almost over a month now. I am stuck in quicksand.

I have gone to the gym here & there, I have taken on a plan commitment and flip-flopped on it like the turd that I am. I am not losing weight, I am not gaining weight, I am just stuck in quicksand.

I try to be active I try to move most days but now and then I take the elevator at work. I don’t go on walks on my break but I don’t eat doughnuts …. except that one time 🙁 I want to snack all the time and once in a while give in. I am not winning, I am not losing, I am stuck in quicksand.

I come home from work, have to focus on my other work. I love it, I live it but I am having a hard time finding the desire and time for my weight loss goals. I don’t eat pizza and pasta I still give up some stuff but now and then I eat what the kids are eating or put dressings or toppings on healthy food to make it taste better. I am not giving up but I am not giving my all. I am stuck in the <bleeeeepin> quicksand.


Somehow among the bombardment of responsibilities I am facing, I am managing to finally squeeze out the winner of the NO SODA SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE. Here it was plain and simple. I listed everyone up, gave everyone a number value and used RANDOM.ORG to generate the winner.

Congratulations to Megan P. for winning the drawing! You win 6 boxes of Crystal Light On The Go packets (Random selection of my choosing) I will email you in the next couple days to get your address and shipping details.

How did everyone do? I am glad to say that not a drop crossed these lips for the month of September. Addiction to soda was a real thing for me for so long. I hope that those that took the challenge to heart found some good.

Here is something that may shock some people after putting out there this challenge. I have decided I AM going to drink soda going forward.  

I have good reasons but don’t have the time to go into them in length just yet. I will explain more in posts to come and yes they will come.

  1. Aaron
  2. Alli
  3. Amanda
  4. Amber P.
  5. Amber L.
  6. Ashley
  7. Casey
  8. Cason
  9. Cody
  10. Diane
  11. Donna
  12. Elizabeth
  13. Emily
  14. gethealthytime
  15. Jake
  16. Jana
  17. Joel
  18. Judy
  19. Julie
  20. Karlie
  21. Kate
  22. Katie S.
  23. Kimberly P.
  24. Kimberly B.
  25. Linda
  26. Mandi
  27. Mandy
  28. Mark
  29. Megan H.
  30. Megan P.
  31. Mike
  32. Obdulio
  33. Omar
  34. Paola
  35. Princess Dieter
  36. Rusti M.
  37. Sally
  38. Sarah
  39. Scott
  40. Shelley
  41. Stephanie H.
  42. Stephanie B.
  43. Steven M.
  44. T.Irwin
  45. Taryn
  46. Tiffani
  47. Tinmanjohn 

Weight Loss vs. Weight Loss Blogging

I read weight loss blogs to be encouraged, to get motivated, to get tips. You don’t want to here drawn out excuses and I don’t really want to write them. With that being said, I appologize for my loooong absents. I had the opportunity for a new business venture and I had to invest all my extra time into that effort for a while. Me & Kar have been busy launching this baby with my talented sister & my brother inlaw. Now that I am finding my equalibrium, I have a little bit of breathing room to get back to blogging.

So where are Kar and I on the weight loss front?
Well, let’s just say you didn’t miss much. We gained some weight we lost some weight and we are back to the same point we were about 2 weeks ago. Considering all that has been going on in the world of Badger, I am okay with that.

Now what?
Back to freekin business. 3 Days at the gym a week, a meal plan that is written out not shot from the hip and some seriouse focus on getting sleep.

All this “stuff” blew up right at the end of NO SODA SEPTEMBER so we still need to draw a winner from those who pledged to NOT drink soda in Septempber. Winners will be announced tomorrow!

Good to be back!!!