Dear Stinky-Guy at the gym

Dear Stinky-Guy,

You look like you are a very determined person. Your workout is methodical, simple and you exert maximum effort in each exercise. Your gym attire is appropriate (no package displays like Look-At-My-Junk-Guy) and you don’t moan like a wildebeest when you are lifting weights. But …. we need to talk about something.

Do you remember when you were growing up and your middle school teacher gave free sticks of deodorant out to the class. Or do you remember when you started to get hair in funny places on your body? Before middle school, you may have played all day outside and the worst smell you would accumulate in the process would be something you stepped in. Now that you are a big boy (40 at least) there are extra precautions you need to take to make sure you do not become overly odoriferous.

I usually give people the benefit of the doubt so I like to think maybe you just forgot to put on deodorant this morning and you couldn’t get deodorant from the $1 store in the same strip mall because you gave your last $1 to an orphan child with no hands, or maybe you have some sort of medical condition that despite all the deodorant & antiperspirant, overpowers all man made creations by OldSpice, Gillette, Degree, Axe…

If the above assumptions are incorrect. Then in that case, COME ON!!! I know you can smell yourself because I watched 2 different people enter the 10 foot stink bubble around you unexpectedly and almost hurled their last 3 meals. It’s rude, disrespectful and inconsiderate. Please, please, PLEASE next time you are getting ready for the gym, realize that your deodorant is the most important thing you will put on! And NO, cologne is not a substitute for deodorant. I have a hard enough time getting to the gym without having to worry about a guy getting on the machine next to me that smells like a burning tire with month old cottage cheese in it….

There, I feel better now 🙂 Am I a mean person?

A year Older 115 Pounds Lighter

  • Pop-Up Birthday Card – $5
  • Balloon bouquet – $20
  • Present from DeWalt – $220
  • Sushi Dinner for 2 – $70
  • Shopping for shirts 2 sizes smaller and pants 6 inches fewer…


The day was awesome. My mother in-law embarrassed me by bringing balloons to my work and singing happy birthday not holding anything back. I told the loud opinionated Nigerian I work with that it was was nice but embarrassing. He pointed his finger at me and sternly said “You better appreciate that! That is love. Nobody comes singing for my birthday!” He was right.

I got off early and headed home to happy, excited kids. My wife and my babies gave me my awesome gift. I mentioned made it vary apparent in a previous post I was eying a DeWalt cordless drill. Now I have no excuse for the projects around the house I’ve have been putting off.

After that Karlie took me clothes shopping! Out of all the NSV moments so far, this has to be the best.I remember the shame and disgust with myself each time I had to go up a size to hide the fat. At my heaviest, it was hard to find anything that was fashionable in my size. Now at a 4X, I am still shopping at the big & tall store. Soon I will be to 2X and shop wherever I want. Trying on new clothes and having to keep asking if they “have that in a smaller size” was my favorite part of the day. A PERFECT pair of jeans, a pair of slacks and a couple shirts later, I was on cloud 9.

Your birthday is one time in the year you can eat whatever and how much you want especially if you are trying to lose weight. It only makes sense to celebrate one more year of life by doing your darnedest to shorten it by the food you eat……NOT!!!

I will admit, I did go over my calorie goal for the day, I did not eat “the plan” yesterday, but a free-for-all it defiantly was not. Even though we just had sushi the other night, it was so good and the only thing I crave that doesn’t require a grease detox after consumption. In the end, I kept it under 1500 calories for the day. That’s 300 more than I would usually consume on my plan. I am OK with that. Well, I’m OK with that now that I went to the gym and busted out 900 calories in interval training at the gym. As you can see above, the closest thing to cake on my birthday was a candle suck in a fruit tray. There has to be a candle in something right?

Happy Birthday!!!

Mike’s wife here. Partaaaaay! Today is the big THREE O!!!! 30? Really? If you haven’t gotten a chance to know Mike you are really missing out. He is the most friendly, outgoing, positive, funny person out there, makes me laugh every day. He makes anyone feel comfortable especially when talking about his weight and loosing weight. Mike also makes it easier for people to look past the fat. It’s not an easy thing to do. A lot of people can’t look past the fat to see the true person inside. Mike’s friends like Mike for Mike.

He is the best husband and father. He works so hard to provide for his family and is working even harder to become the husband and father he has always wanted to be by gaining his health. When Mike puts his mind to something there is NO stopping him. It amazes me. So heres to 30+ more years with my best friend and love of my life. Love ya babe. Hope you don’t mind me posting! Can’t wait to take you out tonight. Happy Birthday.


The selfish nature of obesity

One of the most difficult parts of losing weight is having to treat the symptoms of the problem without understanding the real causes. Some of the underlying issues of my weight problem could not be realized untill I began to lose the weight. The physical part of it is easy to understand. I got fat because I ate to much, moved too little and was apathetic to the consiquenses. I had no idea mentally why I kept getting back to that place though. One of the problems is I was, in a way, self obsorbed. Not in a conceded way, but in a way that I was in a constant state of reassurance. In order to cope with the obvious fact that I could’t function as a normal person because of my size I had to build myself up many times just to go out in public. That constant focus on self is lonely.

As I have found confidence and admiration for myself in this journey, I no longer have to think about me and how I look and what I can or can’t do because of my weight … Is that chair going to hold me? If it does will the arms let go of my fat butt when I stand up? When I walk up the stairs, will people notice the heavy breathing? Is the Big&Tall going to have any affordable t-shirts that don’t have the slogan “Big Dog” on it? And when you are heavy, there is an extra vigulance that has to take place with grooming, how you walk, how you eat… There is just soooooo much to worry about it makes me exausted thinking about all the things that would subconsiously go through my head on a daily basis.

I am reminded of a story my mom has tould me on a couple occasions about a couple girls she went to elemtry school with. I am going to call them Jill and Debbie. Between my mom, Jill and Debbie, Jill was the only one who wore glasses. One day Debbie thought it would be fun to try on Jill’s glasses. To her astonishment, she could suddenly see birds in the trees and the individual blades of grass by her feet. It was like the world was a new place. Untill her vision was corrected, Debbie thought she understood what it ment to see.

Sean recently posted “Sometimes, you must work on the solution before you can correctly identify the problem.” What an inspired truth. I started out losing weight without any real understanding of the mindset that got me to a monstrous 524 pounds. These past couple weeks I have felt like Debbie looking through those glasses for the first time. It is awesome. I see things I didn’t realize were missing from my life. I can’t wait to discover even more along the way!


Birthday dinner sashimi and volunteer work in Haiti

Tonight was one of the most relaxing nights out with my wife I have had ever. Kar’s mom looked after the kids for is while we visited the Mt. Jordan temple with Mandi, Joel and Grandma Larsen. (Kar’s side of the fam). After dropping grandma off at home the rest of us went for sushi.

Location and time constraints wound us up at Mikado in Sandy. We usually wouldn’t drop a lot of money but I rationalized it as my birthday dinner.

Kar and I ordered a large sashimi plate. The flavors and textures were phenomenal. The presentation on the other hand left much to be desired. When you are paying a premium for sushi I expect a little more effort on that front. To me the plate looked scattered across the over sized plate. Visually it was unorganized and uninteresting but, again, the quality was excellent.

Joel  is wearing sunglasses and Mandi is on the right.

Joel is wearing sunglasses and Mandi is on the right.

We visited about Joel and Mandi’s recent trip as volunteers to Haiti. Since the earthquake I think Joel has gone 3 times and Mandi has gone twice. Through  Foundation For Children In Need, a Utah based non-profit organization, they have been able to volunteer. I have given it a lot of thought lately and we discussed the possibility of me going with Joel next year. Their passion to serve has inspired me.

While Kar and I don’t have the financial resources to be full-blown philanthropists, we try and help monetarily when we can. One idea I have been developing to try and support the effort is to organize a local 5k for Haiti or something. I have NO idea how one goes about bringing something like that to fruition but a few short months ago I didn’t know how I was going to lose lose over 100 pounds either:) My hope is to use the excitement and interest surrounding my weight loss to benefit the children in Haiti somehow. Any ideas are welcome.