The BIG race …

Holy crap do I feel the love! Thank you to everyone for the comments on my 100 pound post. What a response. Who knew I would find my best weight loss support group on the interwebs?

I HAVE to tell you the most hilarious thing from yesterday (sorry Shelley, it’s too good not to share).

We all got together for a little family birthday party for my baby girl yesterday. After dinner we went for a walk down to the school park so the kids could swing and play on the slides. While the walk was nice it was more of a stroll than an exercise outing.

You have to know my sister, she is one of my best friends and makes me laugh more than just about anyone. I don’t know if it was the excitement of me hitting my 100 pound mark or just the need for speed, but she got it into her head to challenge me to a foot race. The thought of me and her sprinting about 50 yards made me laugh … but she was SERIOUS. We both started laughing at the idea but she kept pushing. How could I not accept the challenge.

So there we were, at the elementary school playground, lined at the fence, stretching out for the BIG RACE. In any foot race you have to have a finish line.

“Dad! Go over there and put your hands out. Me and Mike are going to have a race. No, further.” My sister, yelling across the park.

As dumb as it was, I wanted to win destroy her.

Dad raises his hands … ” On your mark, get set, GO!” and slams his hands to his sides.

I take off like I am a a pork chop running from a pack of rottweilers. I knew it was just for fun but I couldn’t help but push my limits as if I was in some Olympic event. In my mind, I might as well been a professional marathon runner from Kenya in the few seconds the race took to complete. I slapped my Dad’s hand well before Shelley.

“I’m not as fast as I thought I was” Shelley says.

As I regain my breath the image I had during the race melted away and reality set in. I start to laugh so hard I almost fall over.

I think to myself, “I can’t believe I just did that.” both because I probably looked like a bounding blob of lard and because I knew there was no way I could have even ran the entire distance 4 months ago. I think more than the 100 pounds lost, I am most proud the effect my choice has made on people around me. Coworkers are starting to track calories and make better food choices, family is getting into the fitness war and friends are starting to go back to the gym. Why did I wait my whole life to do this?

I lost 100 pounds!

When I started out today I had no idea what a momentous day it would prove to be. One year ago, I arrived at the KSL studios to try out for “The Biggest Loser”. I had made the decision that if I didn’t get on the show, it was time for weight loss surgery. Long story short, I didn’t even get a callback. Their loss. After the disappointment of that lofty but unlikely dream, I was forced with the reality of going under the knife or going under the dirt.

I started on the long, and expensive process of gastric bypass. Just to get the ball rolling with doctors I ended up coming out of pocket $2,300 after the consultations, Lymphedema therapies and medications. Without the donations of loving friends, family and perfect strangers, I never could have made that happen. 1 thing stood between me, and my surgery. Insurance required a 6 month evaluation before committing to pay for the procedure. My doctors, dietitian and psychologist told me to prep in the next six months to be healthy for the operation and then something even MORE amazing happened.

I went through the toughest psychological change in my life. I decided to be fit. Yes, it was that simple. Not to be confused with easy. Digging ditches is the simplest job on the planet but if you have ever been in a ditch with a shovel, you know there is nothing easy about it. Am I still tortured by food everyday? Yes. Do I want to go to the gym all the time? No. But because of the choice I made, becoming fit just became more important than all of the excuses.

Today, “The Biggest Loser” was in town for another season of tryouts. Didn’t make it. Don’t care. Went up town with the kids to the Children’s Museum after a killer workout burning over 1000 calories. Life was good. I usually weigh in on Sunday but pulled the scale out when we got home. 7 pounds lost this week. As the number sunk in I realized I had hit my 100 pounds lost mark ! Needless to say my good day, was significantly upgraded to one of the best days in my life.

I believe God often answers our prayers through others. This journey has confirmed that to me over and over. I decided the easiest way to stop hiding behind lies and shame would be to proclaim my commitment to the world, and guess who I found? YOU! My readers. Never have I felt more support from family, friends and this community of bloggers. You have given your encouragement, financial support and even a good swift kick in the pantswhen I needed it. My greatest advocate and my best friend, my wife has been unreal in what she does for me. She has prepared meals, encouraged me and most of all, walked right along side me in losing the weight. She is doing pretty awesome herself.

As you have seen, the donation button and tracker for the weight loss surgery are gone. For those of you that were so generous to donate, thank you. Your financial support was monumental with all the medical expenses that helped get me to where I am. There is a lot more ground to cover before I reach the summit of this journey but I will no longer be looking to surgery as the vehicle to get me there. In other words… Yay! No one is going to stab me with a scalpel.

I stop and look back, only to see how far I have come, but never to return where I once was. Then face the path before me with all the more drive to reach my destination.

A good day of NSVs

Yesterday was an exciting day of Non-Scale Victories (NSV). It started with not one but 2 comments from people at work who took a first time look at me since I have dropped the weight and told me how great I was looking. Always fun to hear. Of coarse I thank them and appreciate the possitive feedback but quickly focus on the fact I am less than half where I need to get to.

The major NSV came when I met my new doctor. Now, for those of you who have never had to stand in front of a doctor as a morbidly obese patient, doctor visits are rarely a pleasant experience. The Dr. and the staff have nothing to do with the unpleasant experience. When you are faced with the reality of your health after constantly disregarding it, it’s hard to have a positive attitude after a doctor appointment. When you have almost lost 100 pounds, you are on top of your medications and your blood work is current, the doctors is great! Kudos all around for fat guys that are loosing weight in a doctor’s office. I even had fun. Thanks to my friend Wendy for referring me to Dr. Heath. Him and his staff were excellent. I never felt so comfortable and welcome in a doctor’s office before. While I have gained pounds form water weight due to my Lymphedima, the meds have been refilled and new compression socks ordered to get them back to ankles instead of kankles. Even though I know the weight gained is water, it’s going to be disappointing to not be able to see my weight loss progress this week. Generally it takes 3-5 days for the swelling to completely go down so by next weeks weigh in should be great.

After the doctor’s we went to visit my side of the family. We ate some delicious Mexican tortilla soup for dinner with a green  salad. It was delish with a generous dash of hot sauce. While not on Allan’s menu for the day it was satisfying and kept me well within my 1200 calorie limit for the day. For desert everyone but me and Kar had yellow cake with chocolate frosting. For desert I enjoyed compliments from my dad and sister about the pounds I dropped. It was more satisfying than the cake……but I still want cake.

If it’s not one thing

Last night I had an earlier shift at work and got off at 3:30. I was excited at the prospect of having a great workout when I got home but the whirlwind ensued. I got home and played with the kids and grabbed my afternoon snack of string cheese and Crystal Light. I sat at the computer and took care of some bills when my wife reminded me she had a meeting over at the church. Stink!

After Karlie got back I got ready to go bust my moves on the elliptical when there was a knock at the door. My brother in law Ty and his girlfriend Kylie stopped in for a visit and to see Jeffrey and Katie. It was a fun surprise and my kids love their uncle Ty. He is a big lineman for Utah State but is such a teddy bear with the kids. I had to excuse myself so I could still make it to the gym to get my workout in.

I jog out to my car, turn the key and get nothing. The battery is dead as a door nail. My neighbor, seeing my hood opened came over and offered to give me a jump. No dice. The rest of the night consisted of trying to diagnose the problem while finding a ride to work for this morning. I don’t know if I was more frustrated that my car was out of commission or that I missed my gym session. By the time I got everything squared away for my morning commute it was late even by my standards.

Sometimes crap happens I guess. 1st Doc. apt with my new doctor tomorrow. Blood tests to monitor my meds and I am stoked to report on my weight loss success. I hope I am able to connect with this new doctor like my old doctor. Insurance changes necessitated a move to a different doctor.

Food plan is on track and other than this stumble from the car troubles, so are the exercises. Shooting to hit my 100 pounds by the end of week.

5 more pounds down and feelin like a champ

Saturday was the norm. Karlie dropped me off at work because the kids had a birthday party to got to. Got in 7 hours of overtime for a pretty quiet day at the office. Right now the money is needed more than having my weekends to relax or do activities. Karlie picked me up to take me home while she went back to the birthday party to pick up the kids. That would leave me alone at home without any kids for a whole hour. A rare opportunity to take a nap. As we drove home I began to prepare myself for my soft bed and some much desired shut-eye. The closer we got to home though I couldn’t help but feel the nagging call of the gym.

This past week I fluctuated with my exercise. Overdoing it some days and going through the motions on others. I knew this would be the last opportunity to get a good solid workout in before Sunday’s weigh in. As I thought about the possible disappointment standing on the scale, my nap became less and less valuable. I had Kar drop me off at the gym after changing at home and grabbing my workout music.

A solid workout for me is a 20 min cardio push on an elliptical. I keep constant speed at a fast paced walk for 4 min. and PUSH for the 5th min. I do this 4 times to hit my 20 min. I decided I would take a different approach because I had more time to dedicate to my workout so instead of doing the interval training I kept my heart rate up but stayed constant for 45 min for a total of 700 calories burned! Leaving the gym I was happy and proud.

Consistency and daily tracking are key

The past couple of weeks I would weigh myself almost every morning. It keeps me on top of my game and makes me push every day. Unfortunately when the scale is up a pound day by day but by the end of the week it’s been showing 4-9 ponds a week lost. problem is, my wife hates it because I get moody when there is no loss or when there is a gain. Even though I know 1 pound is less than a bottle of water I drank, going up a pound makes me mad. The + side is that seeing a pound gained, even if from water or some other variable, it drives me crazy to work harder.

At my wife’s request I stopped weighing in daily. In other news, I also lost my digital monitor for my bodybugg on the light rail train so I don’t have up to the min. info streaming to me of how many calories I have burned each day. Frustrating!

I have been doing “the plan” but without my tools for measuring I can’t gauge how I am doing. When I couldn’t resist getting on the scale this morning, I wanted to scream. Only 1 pound lost!!!! On average I would be 4 or 5 pounds lost by Friday. Grrrrr.

Reality check time:
Did I drink all the fluids I was supposed to? NO
Did I exercise according to the plan? YES but did minimum
Did I stick to the eating plan? NO calories consumed 1200 a day but composition of food was on and off.

Mystery solved.

$70 for a new digital display is worth it. I am picking one up at 24 hour fitness tonight. Sorry babe but I am weighing in everyday. Moody = pounds lost. Shopping for groceries tonight so should be set on food composition.

Goals need to be measurable in order for you to monitor progress.

I HAVE to get to at least 4 pounds by Sunday!