Holy Crap! I think it’s working!

I have been weighing myself after I shower in the mornings but last night I hopped on the scale because I was feeling those old familiar cravings and needed a reminder of my success. I was blown away when I saw I lost another 5 lbs! I knew that there was probably another pound in there because I had recently eaten dinner so I weighed in again this morning and it was actually 7lbs!

It was more than the motivation I needed to keep on keepin’ on.

Yesterday I went over calories by about 100. I am ok with that but plan on being on the dime or under today. Gym going is getting to the point where I am looking forward to it instead of dreading it. I have had a bodybugg gathering dust and decided to fire it up again to count my calories. MyFitnessPal is far better at the food tracking but the calories burned is a big motivator for me. It makes me move more during the day.

Well, got to get to work but wanted to share the victory on the scale today!

Thanks for all the support!
I hope this motivates others to get fit and stop making excuses for themselves.

Chow I am rockin’ in my grill

Some people wanted me to report on some of the foods I am eating so here is some low cal meals I grind on.

Planning meals almost guarantees that I will be successful in my caloric intake goal for the day. Last week, let’s just say I fell short of those goals. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Cliche but true when you are trying to change eating habits. Somehow I forget that until it’s a habit I can’t just assume I will eat the right amount of calories, I have to measure them out, count and track. Winging it means meager weight loss at best.

Last night I made 3 lunches I will be able to grab out of a few ingredients. It was almost as easy to make all 3 as it was to make one of them and it keeps my cost down. So anyone who says eating healthy has to mean eating expensive, this is for you. I mixed a can of Hormel Chicken chunks, mustard, sweet relish, Kraft Free Caesar Italian and a bit of feta cheese. This made a nice chicken salad I portioned into 3 meals.

Meal 1: a chicken wrap
Meal 2: a chicken salad
Meal 3: Chicken salad

I ate the Wrap yesterday and the salad today. The garden tortilla was delish but was calorie expensive. The salad is great today now that the chicken and all  the other stuff have had a chance to coagulate.

My breakfast has consisted of a cup of oatmeal and half a banana to flavor with cinnamon and equal to sweeten. The oatmeal is super cheep (not instant or flavored) and sticks around for a while in my gut after I eat it. Not my favorite food but it helps me stay satisfied  and for that we are now friends.

Dinner seems like it’s going to be a lot of chicken. Dinner is probably the hardest meal because that is when I would chow down 3 plates of spaghetti without blinking. Keeping the food interesting is always a struggle between tastes I crave and food that satisfies.

Sushi is my triple threat food.
1. It is something I crave and look forward to eating even if I wasn’t “dieting”
2. I am able to have an amount that fully satisfies my craving without breaking the calorie piggy-bank
3. It is relatively inexpensive
(this one is where I stretch with Sushi. Ideally #3 is both inexpensive and easy to make at home.)