Crazy! still on the road to my goals

My lame excuses for not blogging:

  • Impromptu business trip
  • School (ended up having to drop classes)
  • Preparing my condo to put on the market (don’t worry friends not going anywhere soon)
  • Preparing resume & interviewing for an internal job that opened up at my work
  • Go through the interview process
  • Pissed about not getting the job so recommitted to school
  • Switching schools
  • One of my fillings fell out of my tooth
  • Scheduling & going to doctor/dentist appointments
  • Vacation
  • Got sick with bad head cold sinus issues
  • Lack of sleep due to cpap ineffectiveness while sinuses blocked
  • My right toe got stubbed ………………………

Okay now that I have THAT out of my system here we go.

In an effort to get blogging again I am going to forgo the rest of the “Trip” story and just start at current day. I am way to far behind in stories, events and foods I have eaten to back log. So here goes today.

Daily goal is still 1500 Calories a day although there have been a couple closer to 2000 since we last had a chat. Have gotten out of the habit of logging my food each day and decided the lack of tracking makes me less accountable for what I eat. Logging again as of today.

Problems with my legs from the lymphedema and my weight has been all over the map due to water retention, release … Decided I am going to weigh in monthly instead of weekly so water retention issues don’t get me down. (water retention will fluctuate as much as 20lbs per week depending on medication and if my feet have been up…) I will be scheduling my appointment with the edema clinic this week. My doctor doubled my Zaroxolyn dose and Potassium with it. Had to go

I am meeting with a blood abnormality specialist Oct. 6th to see what the deal is with my elevated white blood cell count.

I know many of you feel invested in my success, sorry for cutting you off for so long. Fellow bloggers in fat people blogger land … I miss you and will be checking back to your blogs more often.

Throughout the water gain and loss, I measured 478 on the scale today!!!! That’s motivation!

Roadtrip Volume 1

Wednesday of last week, gearing up for my much needed vacation, I was dealing with a client at work who was having BIG problems with our software at their marine dealership. After almost a week of trying to troubleshoot their problems and resolve errors in the software it was determined we needed to do an overhaul on their server, maybe even replace their server. We needed to overnight some DVDs with the software so they could get them in the morning but overnight means 1:00PM in Page, AZ. At one point I had the whole “chain of command” looking over my shoulder trying to figure out how to save this client. Long story short, I volunteered to drive from SLC, UT to Page, AZ, deliver the server & software, install it and save the day. So here is how it went when the first wrench was thrown into the gears of my 1500 calorie a day plan.

DAY 1 Wednesday, September 1st

Crunch time!
Everything was business as usual in my eating plan through lunch. But when the decision was made at 4:00PM to go on-site to resolve the clients issues, things got a little hectic, I had to:

  1. burn DVDs and get them to FedEx by 4:45PM (in case I didn’t make it driving)
  2. Burn DVDs to take with me
  3. Load the backup server in my car
  4. Get an oil change before I left
  5. Explain to my wife I had to go out of town last minute without her getting mad then convince her to pack clothes, meds & toiletries so I could race home and get on my way.

When I got home my wife had not only packed me a meal but had a great hot meal ready for to eat before I left. (Kar, you are the best!)
I stopped at the gas station to fill up and was faced with some tough choices. Now, in the past a road trip was an excuse to eat a whole lot of crap with a side of a constantly refilled 64 oz Mt. Dew. Here what I ended up choosing as snacks to get me through the 6 hour drive ahead:

Buffalo Jerky, Reduced Sodium Sunflower Seeds, Wasabi and Soy Almonds & Crystal Light Energy. These treats were way better than what I used to get. These treats were chosen because they are yummy, they help keep me awake and focused & they are relatively low cal. (the almonds were a bit calorie “expensive” but ate them spread over 3 days.First day was long, but my calories were only slightly above my 1500 goal. Not bad for a 20 hour work day.

DAY 2 Wednesday, September 2nd
After checking into the Hotel at 3:30AM I got a grand total of 2 hours of sleep. Took a shower, got dressed and headed down for the hotel’s continental breakfast.

I ate what was supposed to be scrambled eggs (about 3 eggs worth), toasted a piece of wheat toast and had a school-lunch-size carton of skim milk (8oz)

Headed over to the dealership with a double Crystal Light Energy in 16oz of water and got to work. I was put into a small room with no chair & keyboard to the computer I needed to work on 5 feet from the floor. I ended up standing in 1 place for the next 5 hours as I worked on getting there server running. Not only did this make my joints kill, it made my lymphedema in my legs flare up bad. I HAD to take a break so I told the client I was going to take a lunch.

I headed over to a local Mexican restaurant and ordered a fajita salad after checking to make sure the chicken was grilled & not fried and the dressing came on the side. The waiter suggested a seafood salad instead & assured me that the seafood was grilled. I should have stuck with my original option because he brought me out a salad that was 5% shrimp, 5% scallops, 1% lettuce and the rest was sour cream, guacamole and tostada shell. It sucked. The shrimp was good, I ate the lettuce and a few scallops but left hungry having to leave 89% of my meal behind. Usually I would have asked for something else but I didn’t have time.

After a disappointing lunch I headed back to the dealership, ended up replacing the server with the one I brought to eliminate any issues cause by hardware and installed their data from backup.

The next several hours was spent ensuring that everything was fixed and that the client was happy. I was spent. After 8 hours of staring at a computer screen on 2 hours of sleep, the crystal light wasn’t doing it anymore. I started to get nauseous and even caught my head bobbing a couple times when nobody was watching. I broke. After 4 months of no carbonation at all I caved into a large can of evil. I know the effects energy drinks have on the body, I know the problems they can cause to your heart, nervous system and your overall fatness and I know there are countless alternatives to a Red Bull but that’s what I drank. It woke me up and I was able to finish day 2 … barely. I had worked a 13 hour day and the only thing I ate for dinner was my pillow as I fell onto my hotel bed face first.

DAY 3 Wednesday, September 3rd … to be continued